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Heroes face new villains in tonight’s premiere

Caitlin Ferraro | Monday, September 22, 2008

Tonight, “Heroes, Volume 3: Villains” will make a two-hour debut with revelations that will redefine familiar characters and potentially shake up the entire series.

Last season, viewers were left with the attempted assassination of Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) as he was about to publicly announce that he, among others, had special “super” abilities. The premiere episode, “The Second Coming,” picks up right after that tumultuous incident, answering the lingering question: Who shot Nathan? Though fans might be bombarded with new plot twists when season 3 opens, creator Tim Kring assured viewers that lingering matters from past seasons will be resolved by the second week. After a disappointing second season, audiences wait in hope that the wonder and fun of the original season will be back tonight.

Several cast members have hinted that some of the individuals we view as “heroes” could be villainous, and vice versa. This season, several characters will struggle with their identities including Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), Sylar (Zachary Quinto), and Mohinder (Sendil Ramamurthy).

In the second hour of the premiere, “The Butterfly Effect,” a dozen villains with unimaginable power are unleashed after “the company” is attacked. The heroes are in for a dangerous run with these new villains, as cast members have commented that Sylar is hardly the worst of their enemies. While much attention will be paid to our original heroes, these twelve new figures will definitely make an impression.

The additional characters will also have novel, incredible abilities. Expect the mysteries to continue with new personalities like Flint, the German, the Speedster and puppet-master Eric Doyle.

But have no fear, faithful “Heroes” fans – the main cast will be working together much more this season.

The duo behind Adult Swim’s hit show “Robot Chicken,” actors Seth Green and Breckin Meyer, will guest star this season. Kristen Bell (“Veronica Mars”) will resume her role as Elle Bishop, and will most likely appear in several more episodes. A fellow “Veronica Mars” alum, Francis Capra, will also guest star.

With complaints of season two being lackluster in action and storylines, expect the unexpected this time around.

SPOILER ALERT: The first few episodes include Sylar opening the head of a beloved hero and explaining whether or not he actually eats brains. Mrs. Petrelli, Nathan and Peter’s mother, reveals a secret that may drastically change the show. Nathan will somehow find God, and Peter’s personality will grow and develop. Hiro has his mind wiped; Peter and Sylar might work together; and, in a look into the future, Sylar has a child whose mother is already well known to viewers. Another eclipse will deeply affect the heroes’ powers, and viewers will finally understand why Maya (Dania Ramirez) is a crucial character.

One promotion for season three teases, “Good will battle evil. Choose a side.” Tune into NBC tonight at 9 for the premiere to decide for yourself