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NDSP needs to organize priorities

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, September 7, 2008

It is a shame that what should have been a memorable start of the football season and a perfect occasion to reunite with friends, ended up being eclipsed by an unfortunate episode. I write this letter with the intent of expressing my frustration and disappointment towards an incident that happened during a tailgate event; an incident which I consider to be a complete misunderstanding.

I arrived at the tailgate event around 30 minutes before it was broken down by our very own Notre Dame Police department. I had asked one of my friends, who’s twenty years old, to hold my beer while I went to the rest room (it just felt wrong to carry the open can with me into the portable potty). Just about when I was coming back, an NDSP officer got her with the can. When I tried to explain the situation to him, in the calmest and most respectful way possible, he chose to blatantly ignore us. I asked him to test my friends’ alcohol level to verify that she was not drinking and that we were both absolutely sober. It was clear to him that we were, and yet, he chose to inculpate my friend of “underage alcohol possession”, and, in my case, of “inducing alcohol possession on a minor”.

This incident made a negative impression on me and my friend. Not only was this an evident case of abuse of authority, but it was coming from an officer who works with and for the University and thus, should have the student’s interests in mind. The officer’s poor judgment and unwillingness to listen was not what I expected from someone in his position.

Being that there were more important things to attend to, he wasted his time with the wrong couple of tailgaters and, by the way, he spoiled our day. Yes, I asked the wrong person to hold my Bud Light. But from now on… Should I keep track of every person’s age before asking them to hold my beer when I go to the restroom? I’m afraid that would be absolutely absurd. And if so, why do authorities punish possession? Once again, my friend was not drinking

Hubert George

grad student

off campus

Sept. 7