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Removing Raytheon

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In response to Claire Brosnihan’s Sept. 15 Letter to the Editor, I wholeheartedly agree with the notion that supporting Raytheon in any manner is basically giving them the power to kill. She makes a strong point claiming that no Notre Dame students should pursue a career with Raytheon, a career with a company that, in my eyes, is the epitome of evil. However, I think it is necessary to take her idea one step further and not support Raytheon in any means. Additionally, we might as well remove all support to any industry or organization in which it produces blood money. I strongly think it is imperative that then we must start at the top, the complete removal of the United States Military.

We need to end all support of our soldiers and veterans, I mean when is the last time that they have done any good for us? Pensions for veterans, who wants that? Miss Brosnihan, do you not realize that it is blood money that has brought about our nation’s freedom? It appears that you are suggesting that we throw away over 200 years of sacrifices made by men and women of this fine country, just so that no innocent life would ever be harmed. Need I remind you of Pearl Harbor? If we did not have a military force, we would have been annihilated during WWII. Forgive me if I think a few innocent lives are a necessary price for the freedom of countless American.

What I truly want to know is do you really want some dictator to march into our country and take away our rights because we would not have a military to defend ourselves, or maybe you are a fan of dictatorship and communism? I am appalled that you would vehemently attack our nation’s freedoms-albeit in a round about manner-but nonetheless, you are disgracing our nation. If you are so anti-American, might I suggest Canada, or some other foreign nation which does not have a military, therefore allowing you to not be bothered by the blood money being thrown around. But for me, I am proud to be an American.

But to stick to your point, I truly think Notre Dame should cut all support to any and all activities where innocent lives are lost. For starters, we might as well disband our football team – yes there are fatalities every year in football – innocent boys losing their lives. Additionally, we might as well stop sending money to missionaries that travel across the globe to help those lesser off. In both of these activities, football and mission work, innocent lives are lost and there is no way we can have that now is there?

Charles Cossell


Alumni Hall

Sept. 15