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Sequester this

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, September 25, 2008

I almost laughed out loud when Dr. Moniz began talking about sequestering carbon dioxide underground yesterday at the forum. Surely I was mistaken and he was really talking about storing dangerous nuclear waste material or something equally devious, but unfortunately he was not.

I was highly disappointed that all the panelists believed in the man-made climate crisis theory and felt that it was the key motivator for alternative energy.


The key reason to seek new forms of fuel is for peace and prosperity. It can be argued that many of the wars fought in the 21st century are linked to oil resources from the funding terrorist activities to the invasion of Georgia by Russia. We must stop this dependence on foreign energy as soon as possible to both create opportunity back home (“Drill, baby, Drill!”) and to get our nation out of the global chess game for natural resources.

People are blaming greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide for causing a climate shift. That would be disconcerting if the earth’s climate remained static at all times, but we know that the climate has shifted many times in its long history, way before humans were even here. God uses carbon dioxide and oxygen in a cycle to regulate the earth. As carbon dioxide increases, plants thrive and through photosynthesis convert and store the carbon and give off oxygen. As oxygen becomes more prevalent in the atmosphere, plant growth slows down and carbon dioxide given off by animals or released through fires (fires occur naturally due to lightning or dry weather) returns to normal levels.

It is all a natural cycle, an old idea that scientists think they just discovered because they have forgotten the power of God. He was even nice enough to store that energy for us underground to use when we had developed enough technology and knowledge.

There is nothing wrong with using oil and other natural resources like timber that God has given us to utilize. There are still many parts of the world with bad pollution problems such as China and India. These are the places environmentalist should be pushing the issue, not wasting their time on a simple theory that is unlikely something we can prevent and that will not have noticeable repercussions in our lifetime and probably for thousands of years (it takes a long time to melt an entire glacier). God is a little smarter about these things than He’ll have you believe, so keep the faith in Him.

I look forward to the response letters.

Mark Easley


Keenan Hall

Sept. 25