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Show solidarity, keep Charlie

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, September 28, 2008

Michael Burdell’s Sept. 26 piece titled “Time for Weis to go,” while articulate, is uninformed and unnecessary. First, we need to take a look at Notre Dame during and after Ty. Ty couldn’t win with his and Davie guys. Davie was a good recruiter who recruited McKnight, Stovall, etc. Then, Ty has one class (Quinn’s), but leaves the cupboard bare with the following two classes. In his 2004 class, six players stayed with the Irish out of 16 that Ty recruited. Ty followed that class with a 15-man class, of which 13 are still with us. Corso and other talking heads like to credit this last class (Kuntz’s class) as Charlie’s, but anyone who knows recruiting knows it takes more than a year to recruit these guys, not two weeks. Additionally, Ty gets credit for Stovall and McKnight’s class, even though, again, it takes more than a year to recruit these kids; so that is Davie’s class.Adding up the numbers, Ty had Brady’s class, then proceeded to recruit 31 players for 50 available spots, retaining 19 players for those 50 spots. There is a lack of numbers in the senior class and fifth-year class from a pure mentorship perspective. There aren’t enough bodies. A player’s junior year is a magic year, when the player tends to mature. Charlie’s first class is maturing this year. Wait until next year when Jimmy’s class does the same. This talk of “fire Charlie” is ridiculous and shows a lack of fortitude. I ask The Observer to stay above the regular media irresponsibility by refusing to publish articles like “Time for Weis to go,” especially when Shaq Evans is on campus.Also, we don’t run bubble screens. Burdell was uninformed about a number of issues.

Derek Horneralumclass of 2003Sept. 26