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A love hate relationship

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, October 2, 2008

It’s a well known fact that most people out there either love Notre Dame or hate Notre Dame. I am writing today to make the University aware of a growing group of people they are creating with their policies: one that both loves and hates Notre Dame.

I love Notre Dame for the education I received. I love the life-long friendships I formed with dorm mates and classmates. I loved playing pick up football on south quad and Bookstore Basketball. I love the spirituality that is an actual physical presence on campus if you let yourself feel it. I love all the things that make us proud to say, We Are ND.

I hate that Notre Dame is now employing a tailgating and stadium usher Gestapo that continues to be as unprofessional as any law enforcement group I have ever seen. The situation inside the stadium has now progressed so much, that unless you have the balance of an 8-year-old Chinese Olympic gymnast, you are suspect of being intoxicated and will be arrested. If you were an alum who happened to have a few beers before the Michigan game and slipped on a wet step, you got banned from campus for life. True story. If you were a war veteran with severe vertigo from battle sustained injuries, you were assaulted by the Gestapo because they assumed you were drunk. The ND/South Bend Gestapo is now videotaping tailgates, a.k.a. reunions full of family and old friends getting together to celebrate Notre Dame football, as a form of intimidation. If you ask them a question, you get four-letter expletives as a response. They are living proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely. A perfect hypocrisy to the family atmosphere Notre Dame supposedly wants to foster and an odd way for the administration to show respect towards the Notre Dame family.

I think it is very important the university be made aware of the growing hatred amongst old and young alums towards this situation. I personally know of many young alums, the people that will be sustaining the university with donations for the next 40 years, who have already decided to put away the checkbook until it changes. This is not a threat. It’s a reality that stems from years of complaints falling on deaf ears and desperately trying to tell the administration what they are doing to our University is not acceptable.

We all love Notre Dame. Please don’t make us hate it.

Kevin Rycyna


Class of 2005

Sept. 30