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COR: Group says pep rally format will be changed

John Tierney | Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Football pep rallies will become more student-friendly, Hall Presidents Council (HPC) athletic committee co-chairs Laura Burdick and Derek Sanchez announced at the Council of Representatives (COR) meeting Tuesday.

The change follows growing student dissatisfaction with the football Friday events, highlighted by Sorin College’s boycott of the Stanford pep rally.

After Burdick and Sanchez talked with football coach Charlie Weis, they decided the pep rallies need to promote a “student-football relationship,” Burdick said.

“Part of that is us not sitting there for an hour and a half before the football team comes out,” Burdick said.

However, the pep rallies cannot completely reject the role of the alumni and other fans. According to the new proposed pep rally structure, the alumni will arrive at the pep rally first. They will continue to feature the video montages and Chuck Lennon, according to Burdick.

The pep rally experience for students will begin at the Golden Dome with the Band of the Fighting Irish, Burdick said. The students and the band will march to the Joyce Center together. The band will form a tunnel outside the Joyce Center through which students will enter the arena.

Once inside the Joyce Center, the atmosphere will be different than what students currently experience, Burdick said.

“It’ll be more of a mosh pit set-up,” she said.

The football team will enter the arena about 10 minutes after students do, Burdick said. They will be able to directly interact with students during the rally.

When the students enter, “the alumni will have already gotten their money worth,” she said, quoting Weis.

The new plans are not yet finalized, but “it’s all in the works,” Burdick said.

Burdick and Sanchez are still unsure about the role of the dorms in the new pep rallies. One group of dorms still has not hosted a pep rally this year, and they will do so for the Pittsburgh game. At Syracuse, however, the emphasis might be less on the dorms and more on Notre Dame. “The camaraderie is about Notre Dame Football,” Burdick said.

COR also unanimously confirmed the appointment of Matt Barloh as president of The Shirt 2009. Barloh is the current president of Knott Hall, served as chair of The Show 2008 and has worked with The Shirt for the past two years.

Barloh will “give everything he has to ensure project continues on upward path it’s been for past two years,” The Shirt 2008 president Jason Gott said.

By accepting the position as The Shirt president, Barloh will be forced to relinquish his Knott Hall presidency because it is an “enumerated position,” which is a student government position already listed in the Student Constitution, according to Student Body president Bob Reish.

Barloh said “it has always been my contention that [president of The Shirt] is not an enumerated position,” but he will not protest Reish’s interpretation of the Student Constitution.

Reish insisted that he will enforce his interpretation of the enumerated positions.

“This is an enumerated position. You will be stepping down,” he said.

Barloh said that while detail of The Shirt must remain secret, students can expect something special this year.

“It’s the 20th anniversary of The Shirt,” he said. “We would be remiss to not do something to honor that.”