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Election considerations

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Observer readers,

As a member of a politically conscious family and as a voter of the battleground state of Ohio, I would give you some thoughts to consider on the meaning of “pro-life.”

Someone who professes to be “pro-life” must be respectful of human life at all levels in all nations, not only toward privileged American fetuses. As a pro-life person, you would consider the livelihood of Americans of all ages and backgrounds, the guests of America and the citizens of the countries with whom we have relations and responsibilities.

Consider generations besides your own when voting. While one candidate may have an attractive offer on how to fix a problem temporarily, it would be far wiser to consider the candidate who has a detailed plan on how to fix problems with far-reaching outcomes.

Younger Americans, consider a plan for health care which benefits more people. If we vote it in now, it will be substantial by the time we need it, and we will receive respect from the older generations.

Politicians, consider admitting mistakes of previous administrations and withdraw from the countries who have made it clear they do not want our help. Consider respecting the military families and non-Americans who have been suffering long enough. Leaving a war is a “pro-life” action on multiple levels. Not only will we save lives, but we will be able to use the money we had been spending there on and spend it on issues that matter here at home. Consider using the money to boost our troubled economy.

Invest in education so we can shape future American leaders and hop back on track with the global academic classroom. Invest in the environment to show our commitment to life and future life.

Also, if you need a ride to your polling place, I will drive you there personally. Take some responsibility and show your enthusiasm for your issues and your candidates. When other Americans see your passion, they will get excited, too!

Mickey Gruscinski


LeMans Hall

Oct. 30