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Michelle Fordice | Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fashion. It’s more than just clothes. It’s about mixing imagination, art, practicality, and form into a new expression. Of course, sometimes between classes and the temptation to lounge around in sweatpants, it is easy to loose track of the fashion world on a college campus, so here are some of the best places you can find on the internet to re-inspire yourself.

The Sartorialist at thesartorialist.blogspot.com

The Sartorialist was one of the first well known fashion blogs and has become an influence in the fashion world itself, as illustrated by its selection as one of “The Times” top 100 Design Influencers and author’s Scott Schuman’s increasing presence in major fashion publications. The Sartorialist, a New York street fashion blog with stunning photography, is beautiful in its simplicity. Photographs are laid out on a plain white background and are at most accompanied by brief, but revealing, commentary. Schuman seeks out the chic on the streets and never fails to find it. He is also very aware of the fact that fashion is not limited to perfectly proportioned girls. Many of his subjects are older and not flawlessly figured, and yet just as striking. This undeniable beauty in the day to day makes the blog a real treat.

Street Peeper at streetpeeper.com

Street Peeper is an excellent street fashion blog, covering over 23 cities, from Amsterdam to Zurich. Snapping pictures of anyone they think is making a statement, the ten photographers of Street Peeper leave it up to their viewers to decide what they think about the day to day ensembles of people on the streets, giving no other commentary than a list of the brands their spur-of-the-moment-model is wearing. One of the most intriguing things Street Peeper allows you to see is the fashion of different cities laid out side by side; each location has its own character, flair, and trends. Of course the best part about Street Peeper is that, like all street fashion blogs, these are the fashions of real people, making them much more accessible than anything you would find on a runway. In that way it is almost more inspiring then the highest fashion.

Iconique Magazine at www.iconique.com

Iconique is a striking online fashion magazine with beautiful presentation. Covering fashion, beauty and design, Iconique blends music, excellent photography and graphic design to create visual feasts for the fashion forward. Their virtual catwalk is great for those of us who can’t get there. The Les Artes Digitales section is neat because it reminds us of the connection between graphic design and fashion. While most of its content isn’t what anyone would actually wear or do with their makeup, the imagination it captures is inspiring. The magazine is about to be revamped, so we’ll have to wait and see if it can get even better.

Fashion 156 at www.fashion156.com

Fashion 156 is both an on-line fashion magazine and an excellent fashion blog. The blog is one of the best because of its diversity. It covers everything from high fashion, to rising designers, to bargain hunting. The writers cover London Fashion week as well as they do the latest fads and their own personal inclinations. The magazine features new London designers and is mostly of a high fashion bent. It is fun to see what these designers are producing. Even better, Fashion 156 is one of the most frequently updated on-line fashion magazines to be found, releasing a new issue every 12 days. One of the best sections is ‘Must Have,’ which features their favorite items for men and women laid out side by side.

Lookbook at lookbook.nu

Lookbook is unique because it gives control of its content to its viewers, kind of like a Facebook for the world’s fashionistas. Members post pictures of their best outfits and rate the outfits of other members. Like street fashion blogs, Lookbook is great because of its accessibility; the outfits are all made to be worn, not paraded across a runway or left hanging in store windows. Also, because all of the members are your average person, the outfits are within the average price range. Many of the pieces come from thrift stores, but it is the creativity of the wearer that turns them into statements.

Go Fug Yourself at gofugyourself.celebuzz.com

Go Fug Yourself is one of those secret pleasures. The blog reports the biggest fashion blunders of the celebrities who are supposed to be our fashion inspiration (if only because they have the money to buy the things we can’t). Yes, it is catty, but in an entertaining way. The writers are witty and absolutely hilarious. And they do admit it when their worst perpetrators get it right, occasionally including a ‘Well Played’ article that praises their successes. Still, the best moments are when they capture the truly insane outfits some celebrities have put together. If you ever need a laugh, this is a great place to stop by.