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Hail to the Stadium Ushers

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, October 2, 2008

don’t know what percentage of my tuition goes toward stadium usher salaries, but it needs to be more.

I cannot put a price on the countless times they act to ensure my safety. One such situation occurred this last weekend. My sister (a 2007 grad) and her boyfriend came in for the Purdue game. I was able to get tickets for each of them in the student section through the Notre Dame ticket office student ticket exchange. His was supposed to be in section 28 (my section), however the exchange ticket was misprinted to say section 32.

Prior to kickoff he moved from 32 one section over to 31 to stand with a graduate student friend of his. This is about the time when I (and I’m sure all of those in section 31) began to fear for our safety.

Not for long though, because luckily a warrior with a different shade of gold on his dome swooped in to save the day. He requested to see my friend’s ticket and upon seeing that he was 20 feet out of place chose not to ask that he return to his seat, but rather justly tore the ticket to shreds and began to escort its holder out of the stadium.

This decision could have been overturned by the Stadium Ushers Guild but fortunately the initial ruling was upheld and this dangerous, disruptive individual was led out of the stadium by a police officer. No doubt, the 30 seconds of live game, followed by an individual game watch in my dorm was well worth the $65 game ticket and $300 plane ticket (we have a pretty nice TV in the lounge).

I’m all for the removal of drunk, misbehaving fans (especially the moron next to me who started shouting expletives at Charlie Weis two minutes into the game while he could still stand without assistance). However, experience has shown that it remains usher policy to consistently accept this kind of behavior.

In response to this incident I could have written a well-reasoned appeal to the head of stadium ushers, but instead I have chosen to mock you. I could have attempted to appeal to your common sense, but your actions last Saturday have shown me that you have none.

I just ask that when you go home each Saturday night and hang up your yellow vest of eternal power, before making a few marks on your bedpost adding to the total number of people’s weekends you have ruined, give yourself a pat on the back knowing that you have made a difference in the world.

Kevin Sonn


St. Edward’s Hall

Sept. 30