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I have chosen

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In response to the various abortion arguments gracing the Viewpoint’s pages these cold fall days, all it really shows is the obvious discord between beliefs in this country. I thought an opinion from experience would be useful to throw into the mix.

I am a mother. I have faced the “choice.” There are no words to express the flood of emotions which fill a woman when she discovers she is pregnant, especially at such a young age. From happiness to fear, it ranges across the spectrum.

Overall, I agree with Mary Daly’s opinion (“For Clarification,” Oct. 28) when she says, “A pregnant woman who finds herself in a position in which abortion seems the only answer … is not being afforded the right to choose.”

Unfortunately, in today’s society, that is often the case. I have held a staunch pro-life view throughout my life, but not until you are faced with the issue at hand do you truly question your beliefs. I will admit, abortion was an option, and a highly considered option for me the first few days.

When one is flooded with ideas of today’s norm of leading life (i.e. college, job, marriage, promotion, then children) and the more-common-than-not shame afforded to unwed mothers in our society, I felt very alone when, with a single decision, I was ripped from that norm into a life-track of my own. This loneliness directed me to consider abortion; however, after a night of tears and prayer, that “choice” was forever deleted from my mind.

What made me decide not to partake in this option given to me? It came down to one word: support. I learned of the support offered to me by my family and friends. I discovered the support given to me by the University. I supported myself by knowing I could be a mother and still reach all the goals in my life.

Too often today are women like me faced with the same decision and not given the support they need in order to know that abortion, while a legal choice, is actually the worst choice available to them. While I feel that this nation is a long way from making abortion illegal again based on a rights disagreement, we should be focusing on making less and less women feel the need to terminate a pregnancy because she feels there is no other choice.

How? Support, and unlimited amounts of it. I still believe abortion is the murder of an innocent life, but I now understand how a woman can feel so trapped that she feels there is no other option available. Now, after going through the most difficult nine months of my life, I have a beautiful one-year-old daughter who never stops smiling, a wonderful fiancé I am marrying next spring, high grades in school, a promising internship next summer and the most fulfilling life I could have ever imagined.

I do hope, as Lindsey Schwartz (“Who has the ‘Right to Life’?” Oct. 13) pointed out, that no one is put into the situation that I was; however, know that the choice you make can lead you to be the happiest you have ever been. I look at my daughter and tears fill my eyes with the thought that I might have never seen her big, beautiful, blue eyes with a “choice” I almost made.

Staysha Sigler


off campus

Oct. 28