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ND can still make Irish flag

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is in response to the “Irish flag won’t fly” by Pat Moore (Oct. 7). I agree that a couple columns in the newspaper are not enough to cause an impact on what everyone wears on game day. However, that does not mean we cannot get this Irish flag idea off the ground. It is simply too hard to get everyone to wear the right colors – people refuse, people don’t remember, etc. So here’s an idea: How about we ask everyone to wear whatever they want? That seems simple, right?So now moving on to making the Irish flag. This idea comes from watching European sports and the occasional high profile American sporting event. When fans walk into the stadium they are given a colored piece of paper. Obviously, this color depends on section, seat, and so on. At certain points during the game fans hold up the piece of paper and the results are a spectator spectacular! So what has been accomplished? 1. No responsibility on the fans to wear a certain color. 2. Colored paper will cost a lot less than shirts. 3. It’s not brain science to figure out what sections will get what pieces of paper. 4. It won’t be too much extra work for ushers (or someone else) to hand out paper down the rows. 5. Since we are all trying to “go green” why not recycle those scraps on the way out? Perhaps we could hold up the paper during kickoffs, so that the paper does not disrupt viewing the actual game.The details are debatable. Now it rests on putting this plan into action … any takers?

Beth CornegliojuniorLe Mans HallOct. 7