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Save pep rallies: show up

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, October 5, 2008

As one of the leprechaun mascots of Notre Dame, it may seem that I would take “Our Pep Rally Manifesto” (Oct. 3) so eloquently written by the Otters of Sorin College as a threat. The pep rally may be the most exciting opportunity that we get as leprechauns (I have yet to run out of the tunnel in front of 80,000 screaming fans so I will reserve my judgment) and the last thing we want to see is empty seats where students should be jumping around and screaming until they can’t scream anymore. I am on your side though, and I think something needs to be done.While I applaud your audacity and your intentions, however, I think you are going about this the wrong way. Let me explain: Let’s face it, this place is magical. Why is it magical? The storied tradition, the worldwide fame, the unparalleled atmosphere, the transformation that takes place every game day on campus, the many incredibly successful athletic programs that continue to impress while upholding the highest levels of academic integrity, the really, really good looking leprechauns and the pride we take in knowing that no other university in the world can compare to our beloved Notre Dame. But what is the single most important reason for the magic that fills this campus? What makes it all happen year after year? The students. As Domers, we carry that tradition and that magic on our shoulders, building upon it and passing it on to those who will join our family in the future. That is what pep rallies should be about, and that is where I agree with you. Every Friday as we prepare to take part in the greatest tradition in the world on the most sacred football field in the world, we need to come together as a student body and share in that mystical “Notre Dame Spirit” that only Irish fans can truly understand.So while your intentions may be good, and your wishes deserve recognition, I disagree with your approach. Rather than discourage attendance and create a rift in the student body, you should be encouraging more attendance and more solidarity between the students, the band and the team. Less than a quarter of the student body attended the last pep rally – just imagine if everyone showed up and got as rowdy as possible. It would be a truly awesome spectacle, the team would be blown away by our support and the JACC would provide a great venue. So I ask you, noble Otters, and all proud Domers alike, to please save our pep rallies. It is up to you, and only you can do it. Do so by showing up in record numbers, getting as rowdy as possible, and making it your show! Last time I checked, there is no script for the students (Believe me; I have actually seen the scripts). So get loud, stay loud and don’t stop cheering and chanting throughout the entire rally. If you do that, everyone in attendance will be swept up by the spirit that I know we can create.Consider this a call to arms for all Fightin’ Irish fans, unite in the name of Our Lady and cheer her loyal sons onward to victory. GO IRISH! In the name of the Irish, Leprechaun Dan.

Daniel CollinsjuniorAlumni HallOct. 3