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Letter to the Editor | Monday, October 13, 2008

While I don’t read The Observer on a daily basis, it was pointed out to me that the student government was being addressed via the Viewpoint section. Though resorting to editorial letters is tempting, it is neither the most effective nor appropriate way to gain the attention of your student body government.

At an open forum last week, Saint Mary’s students voiced their concerns with the budget approved by the Executive Board. The problem at the core of the issue seemed to be that student felt as if they had no voice at Saint Mary’s. Various students remarked that they felt as though they had no voice as Saint Mary’s students, that they were in the dark regarding decisions made by BOG, and that they felt BOG was hiding their decisions from the student body.

The 2008-2009 Student Government Association wants desperately to hear from their constituents, represent their constituents and let the student body know what is going on. We want the student body to be interested, informed and vocal. As much as we would love this, we rarely receive input. As sophomore class president, I have not once been approached by a classmate with a question, problem, or idea. It is difficult to represent a silent student body.

The forum held last week was a tremendous step in the right direction. However, I ask Saint Mary’s women that wish to make their voice heard to direct it in the right way. Student body president Mickey Grucinski is one of the most accessible people on campus and truly wants to be the voice of the student body. So, please, grab some coffee at the Cyber Café, come upstairs and chat with us. Ask questions, give us your input and be involved. E-mail any of us with your ideas and your criticism. Approach us, and your voice will be heard.

Megan Griffin

sophomore class president

Holy Cross Hall

Oct. 12