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Speak out against stipend

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As the proud parent of two Saint Mary’s students, I am appalled at the stipend issue that has arisen and the subsequent delay in student activities funding as a result.

This issue should not be holding student activities hostage by insisting that they receive a stipend in the budget.

To the nine students that voted no: Congratulations for standing up for your beliefs in the face of tremendous pressure.

To the Executive Board: The issue is not how much of a stipend you should receive. Rather, the question is should you receive a stipend at all? This flies in the face of a proud and honorable tradition at Saint Mary’s.

The only way this should be implemented is with a referendum type vote and if your student body agrees with the action, then fine. To the argument that other schools do this, since when does Saint Mary’s want to be like every other school?

Last I read, the ad campaign says “She’s Saint Mary’s” and the “She” represents every student who attends this outstanding college. The campaign does not proudly proclaim “We’re Like Every Other School You Will Visit”.

You have been given the privilege of representing the student body and should be voting on a budget that is for the greater good. Not for a select few of you to receive money in a vote that only you can cast. This issue calls for thoughtful discussion and input from every corner of campus.

To Saint Mary’s students: Last year’s outrageous aberration is a call for more vigilance in watching your representative’s actions. Indeed, a prime example of why we should all pay attention to government action at every level.

Please make your voice heard prior to the upcoming meeting and contact your student representatives with your feelings on this issue. Make your voice heard.

To Saint Mary’s parents: Please support our student groups in any way possible; so that events are able to continue if they do not receive funding in a timely manner due to this issue. The Saint Mary’s spirit will prevail.

Thank you,

Sandy King

Green Bay, Wis.

Oct. 12