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The Wearing of the Green

Letters to the Editor | Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Students, Alumni, and Fans – After spending five years at Notre Dame during the Davie-era, and watching our beloved Irish suffer from the rollercoaster of coaching decisions, poor recruiting, and uninspired play the next six seasons, it’s time to help our teams out as best we can.

As we look around college football nation, the top tier teams’ fans unite on those fateful Saturdays and embrace the home field intimidation factor by wearing a unifying color. There have been “blackouts,” “whiteouts” and “red seas” for the visiting team to take-in during the game.

In Irish folklore, there has always been one color that has been with the Irish ancestry representing the rolling hills and fields of shamrocks of the Emerald Isle. It has been used as a symbol of unification since the Irish Rebellion of the late 1700’s.

At Notre Dame’s founding the original colors of the university were yellow and blue, symbolizing light and truth respectively. After the Dome was gilded, gold and blue became the official colors.

While I realize (as should everyone associated with Notre Dame – are you listening marketers and clothing companies?) that gold is not yellow, the symbolism of the light and the truth remains. What happens when you mix yellow and blue?

In the following seasons to come, I expect Notre Dame, Charlie, the students, alumni, and fans to pick one home game each year to show our solidarity through “The Wearin’ of the Green.” Before the season starts, print on that game’s ticket the words “The Wearin’ of the Green,” so everyone knows.

So I am asking everyone who will be attending the Stanford game, to don the color of the Fighting Irish and show the visiting team that when you play Notre Dame you play the entire Notre Dame family.

Let this year’s game against Stanford be “The Wearin’ of the Green.”

Go Irish,

Chris Carrigan


Class of 2002

Sept. 26