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Voting responsibility

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, October 30, 2008

As the election draws near, there have been more and more letters about the two candidates and which one to vote for. But there is another choice, the choice not to vote.

Robert McKeon (“More reasons not to vote,” Oct. 15) says he will not because politicians practice in double speak. He claims they do not provide answers to the important questions. While just this week both candidates have outlined plans to revive our suffering economy, and spent an evening debating the issues, Barack Obama has also discussed possible plans for health care. And both candidates have stated their desired strategy for handling the wars.

Whether you support McCain, Obama, Barr or Nader it is important to vote. If you do not support any, then it is important to look at the candidates’ positions and align yourself with who you think is the best. America is at a crossroads; this election could be a defining moment for our generation, and even in American history. The policies that the upcoming president will enact will primarily affect our generation.

Lastly, McKeon quotes “I … who did not vote … am in no way responsible for that these politicians have done” is a particularly unnerving statement. As a child of two lawyers, I have witnessed first hand the number of frivolous lawsuits grow. The amount of people shirking responsibility, and looking for others to blame is absurd. It is time for our generation to change this trend and take responsibility, because in a few short years the results will be ours to bear regardless of whom is to blame.

I encourage everyone to educate themselves and vote for who they feel is best, because there will never be a perfect or near perfect politician.

Luke Ricci


Dillon Hall

Oct. 21