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Baraka Bouts: Nearly 60 participate in annual women’s boxing event

Joe Meixell | Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah “The VP of Pain” Angle def. Kathleen “The Lean Mean Green Jumping Jelly Bean Fighting Machine” Stanley

Angle opened the match much stronger than Stanley, putting the sophomore from McGlinn on her heels from the start with a few nice combinations. Neither fighter attempted any attack on the body in the first round.

The second round saw the fight slow down quite a bit, as neither fighter was able to land a punch without being countered with an equal one.

In the third round, Angle, a sophomore from Howard, landed multiple punches on Stanley without any retaliation. Toward the end of the fight, the two battlers traded punch-for-exhausted-punch.

Angle prevailed in a split decision.

Jen “Psych” Coe def. Katie “Cheese Wiz” Meunier

As soon as the bell sounded, Coe’s advantage in length was apparent. Meunier needed to endure multiple punches before actually being within striking range.

The second round began with a very aggressive Meunier, a sophomore, but after an initial shock, Coe, a freshmen, managed to keep Meunier somewhat distant.

The two fighters went punch-for-punch in the third and final round. Coe’s fans surrounded two out of the four sides of the ring, and they all seemed to rise for the conclusion.

Coe was victorious by unanimous decision.

Lauren “The Count of Monte Fisto” Carlson def. Kelly “The Marauder” McKenna

The third fight of the night opened with over a minute of McKenna trying to work Carlson’s body. This slow action compelled one fan to yell, “Hit her in the face!”

Throughout the second round, Carlson, a third-year law student, delivered repeated left-handed punches. As the round neared an end, the referee paused the fight to check on McKenna after a particularly tough, one-sided series.

The toll of the second round on McKenna, a junior from Farley, became obvious in the final round. Carlson’s feet still moved as she attacked, while McKenna stood flat-footed, too exhausted to defend the punches.

Carlson won in a unanimous decision.

Tanya “B-girl Reppin'” Barrios def. Kia “The Hurt” Johnson

In an active fight, both Barrios, a sophomore, and Johnson, a junior, came out swinging. Three times within the first 90 seconds, the two met and proceeded to produce a confounding flurry of fists.

The second round was not as exhilarating as the first, but Barrios still managed to land numerous punches, including a few powerful hooks.

Entering the third round in an even fight, it seemed clear that Barrios desired the win at any cost. She bullied Johnson around the ring for the majority of the round, but Johnson was nonetheless able to land enough punches to keep it interesting.

In a true moment of sportsmanship, the two competitors embraced in the middle of the ring before the referee had even collected the scorecards.

Barrios won by split decision.

Emily “ATM” Kolbus def. Kelly “Fearsome” Pierson

When these two sophomores left their corners for the start of the fight, only one was eager to start. Kolbus delivered four punches through two combinations before Pierson seemed to stir, and this early lead carried through to the end.

At the start of the second round, again, Pierson was caught without her guard – she had simply forgotten her mouthpiece – and the fight soon resumed. It was an even round, ending with Kolbus working Pierson’s ribcage at the bell.

By the third round, Kolbus was out of gas, but Pierson was too far behind. Despite a convincing third round, Pierson was unable to score enough points to keep Kolbus from claiming a split-decision victory.

Jackie “The Delinquent Devyshka” Sheridan def. Kyle “The Hostile Crocodile” Hagelskamp

Friday’s sixth fight was truly a clash of styles. Sheridan’s length held off Hagelskamp’s strength in the first round. Sheridan was able to deliver numerous blows to Hagelskamp’s head while Hagelskamp could not reach her.

In the second round, Hagelskamp took to sacrificing position to try to tire Sheridan. Hagelskamp dropped her own head, and charged Sheridan, successfully attacking her body.

Early in the third round, Sheridan sent Hagelskamp to the canvas with a left hook, the first knockdown of the entire night. Hagelskamp responded by bloodying Sheridan’s nose.

In the end, Sheridan won via unanimous decision.

Nicole “The Silver Bullet” Koors def. K.C. “The Hunt is On” Hunt

It took 90 seconds for these two off-campus seniors to get rolling, as the first round consisted of few, ineffective punches.

In the second round, Koors went to work, opening with an onslaught upon Hunt’s body and then her head. Hunt tried to recover, but Koors claimed the round as undeniably her own with a series of adept jabs right before the bell.

Hunt knew she needed points in the third round, and did what she could to get them, but when a big right hook missed Koors entirely, the end seemed inevitable.

Koors won by split decision.

“Mighty” Michelle Notardonato def. Jessica “Black” Olivas

The eighth fight of the Bouts was the first to feature a true body-bruising performance. From the start, Notardonato attacked Olivas’ body. Having finally escaped the body blow, Olivas threw a roundhouse right hook seconds before the bell, but Notardonato ducked the punch and went back to Olivas’ body.

In the second round, Notardonato again ducked an Olivas right hook. However, the round was largely marred by inactivity as both competitors appeared to save energy for the final round.

Olivas performed well in the final round. She landed several blows to Notardonato’s head, while Notardonato continued to work Olivas’ body as she did the whole fight. Despite the several quality punches, Olivas continually failed to capitalize on Notardonato’s vulnerability when Notardonato attacked her body. Instead of punching Notardonato off, Olivas would push her off, and fail to garner points.

Notardonato was victorious in a unanimous decision.

Kristin “The Little One” Burke def. Chelsi “Chain Breaker” Gallegos

Burke opened this fight with a hurry, landing innumerable jabs within the first round. Eventually, Gallegos began blocking the punches, but she did not attempt a counter, so Burke simply continued.

In the second round, Gallegos began throwing a few punches, at her coach’s urgent behest, but none managed to faze Burke. Before long, Gallegos had resorted back to the defensive, and inflicting pain upon Burke was far from her mind.

During the third round, Burke simply insured her victory with a few more left-right combinations. Gallegos never truly fought back.

Burke won in a unanimous decision.

Deborah “The O’nihilator” Olmstead def. Alicia “Crazy Legs” Guarracino

The fashion highlight of the night, Guarracino traded blows with Olmstead while wearing knee-high, neon, rainbow socks. Alas, the choice of stocking wear did not help Guarracino’s flailing style, which left her open to many body shots from Olmstead, a Welsh Fam sophomore, in the first round.

Olmstead continued to work Guarracino’s body in the second round, as the two fighters battled in close proximity the entire round.

Guarracino, a graduate student, found a rhythm in the final round. She countered many of Olmstead’s attacks, effectively slowing Olmstead. Nonetheless, Olmstead had been convincing for a majority of the contest.

Olmstead triumphed in a split decision.

Kim “Code Red” Bugos def. Elyse “Leave No Doubt” Hoffman

To begin the first round, Hoffman, a junior from Lewis Hall, started strong against Bugos, a Walsh sophomore, with a combo throw that took Bugos right to the ropes.

The second round was a relatively even fight, as both boxers were able to keep up, but neither really stood out.

From the beginning of the third round, the underdog, Bugos came out throwing. Regardless of a bloody nose, she became a whole new fighter this time around, and cornered Hoffman to secure her split-decision victory.

Erinn “Judgment Day” Mullee def. Caitlin “Built Tough” Ford

Ford began the fight well, opening with a four-punch combination that had Mullee reeling. She ended the first round strong as well. She dropped Mullee to the canvas with a forceful right hook as the bell rang.

Mullee left her corner more focused the second time. Initially, a left jab spun Ford, but by the end of the sequence the referee had sent Mullee to a neutral corner so he could check on Ford after a well-placed right jab.

Ford entered the third round needing to make up points, and she left herself openly vulnerable as she attacked. Mullee quickly used a right hook to help Ford meet the canvas.

Mullee won in a unanimous decision.

Erica “Boxer #21” Harmon def. Vivian “Bulls Got Yo Hands Full” Kim

Harmon, a Lyons senior, took the glory in the first round of her matchup. Harmon was able to chase Kim against the ropes, as Kim was unable to throw any particularly damaging punches.

Kim, a sophomore in Pangborn, brought a much more aggressive strategy, but suffered from Harmon’s critical left hook to end the second round.

In the third round, Kim showed good stamina by still remaining in the fight, but Harmon’s strong blows to the chin led the judges to their unanimous decision in Harmon’s favor.

Lauren “Strong Island” Cummings def. Kayla “The Texan Terror” Bishop

Right from the beginning, off-campus senior Cummings showed quick reflexes by dodging all of Howard sophomore Bishop’s throws.

As Bishop grew tired in the second round, Cummings began throwing, showing both left and right hooks, which caused substantial damage to Bishop, damage she was unable to overcome.

Before the final bell, Cummings combined three punches that gave her a win by unanimous decision.

Cara “Boomer” Norton def. Amy “The Leading Lady” Libardi

Libardi, a sophomore from Welsh Family, began by consistently throwing punches and never stopping her arms to intimidate Norton, a Cavanaugh sophomore.

In the second round, Libardi changed her strategy up and aimed for Norton’s stomach to ease up on Norton’s outstanding ability to block her face. The round concluded with an intense right hook from Norton.

Norton was able to force Libardi onto the ropes offering a series of combos. Libardi had one final chance, but swung and missed which helped the judges make a split-decision call of Norton’s victory.

Maureen “The Mongrel” Koegel def. Saida “I’m a pro, You’re a” Khan

This match-up was demonstrative of excellent blocking from both boxers. Few hits were successfully delivered in the first round.

By the second round, the girls both sacrificed their blocking abilities and the fight got more intense. Koegel, a sophmore from Pasquerilla East threw a strong right power that caused Khan’s lip to start bleeding profusely.

In the third round, Koegel stood out as the most agile counterpart as Khan looked dazed. Koegel went back for the mouth just before the bell concluded the fight. Koegel won by unanimous decision.

Laura “Rain Maka” Szejka def. Ashley “Shakespeare’s Mistress” Ahn

Szejka threw the first hard hit of the fight with a left hook across Ahn’s cheek, which Ahn was later able to reciprocate with a combo hit, hitting Szejka at the back of the head.

Early in the second round Ahn, a senior from McGlinn, was unable to maintain her balance and fell as Szejka, a McGlinn sophomore, aggressively charged her into the ropes. Ahn got her second wind in the latter half of the second round, but was unable to keep it throughout the third round as Szejka really stood out with a series of damaging left hooks.

Szejka was proclaimed the winner by a unanimous decision.

Juliana Hoffelder def. Laura “The Invisible Hand” Smith

Hoffelder, a junior from Cavanaugh, had the obvious upper-hand throughout the first round on most of her throws, which continued into the second round as well. Her opponent, Smith, a McGlinn sophomore, proved she had long lasting reflexes in the second round, as she improved on dodging Hoffelder’s throws.

But the third round became conclusive as Hoffelder was still able to tirelessly follow through on all her shots, but faced losing as the referee called her for kicking. Smith looked dazed towards the end, but was still able to throw a few before the bell. Hoffelder won the match by unanimous decision.

Brooke “Bananarama” Bonnette def. Colleen “The Hurricane” Huml

Bonnette came out fighting with a pair of intense right power punches directly to Huml’s face. Hum, was able to touch Bonnette’s chin a few times, but the inability to fully follow through, caused little damage to Bonnette.

In the second round, Huml came out far more aggressive than the first time, and she had a few lasting right-handed shots that might have tipped the fight in her favor. But a final lasting blow from Bonnette shifted the judge’s opinion, as they declared Bonnette the unanimous victor.

Jenny “The Dahminator” Dahm def. Mary “Ice Box” Jenkins

At the sound of the opening bell, Dahm came out strong, throwing combination punches right and left. Jenkins was forced on the defensive but recovered in the last 20 seconds of the first round with a few quick jabs.

Dahm and Jenkins both focused on punches to the head in the second, with a few solid jabs to the body by Jenkins. Dahm, forcing Jenkins on the defensive once again, set the tone in the third with a great uppercut. In the end, Jenkins was declared the winner in a unanimous decision.

Chrissy “Magic Two” Nypaver def. Kerry “California Wildfire” Olinger

Sophomore Chrissy Nypaver’s two quick jabs to Kerry Olinger’s face in the first round gave Olinger a bloody nose that just would not stop bleeding. However, Olinger stuck it out, taking a few hard hits and even delivering a strong uppercut into Nypaver’s stomach.

The fight was called after the second round due to the nosebleed, and Nypaver was given the victory.

Sara “The Terra … Riza” Farias def. Sarah “My Real Name is Lil’Wayne” Layne

In a physical fight, Farias defeated Layne by unanimous decision in a battle of seniors.

“Training hard, getting strong and fighting with your heart is what I will always remember and take from this experience,” Farias said.

This fight was one that was played out with a lot of heart from both members of the senior class.

The fight opened with Farias on the ropes, taking multiple jabs to the head from Layne. Farias moved on to the offensive quickly from that point, causing Layne to lose her balance twice.

Both girls threw strong punches in the second round, with an uppercut to Farias’ stomach by Layne, and a left hook to Layne’s head from Farias. In the third, Farias and Layne continued to hit hard with punches to the head.

“Baraka Bouts is by far the most physically intense sport I have ever participated in,” Farias said, “To take it all in and fight in the end regardless of the result, is an amazing, worthwhile experience that not everyone can say they have had.”

Erin “Bratwurst” McNeill def. Natalie “K.O.” Kratz

McNeill took this bout by unanimous decision, setting the tone from the opening bell with an uppercut to Kratz’s face. Kratz returned with a right hook to McNeill’s head to end the first round.

The second round put McNeill on the defensive with three quick jabs to the face from Kratz. However, with two consecutive face jabs and a right hook to end the third round, McNeill was able to take the fight.

Lauren “Live Responsibly” Corona def. Kylynn “Make it Rain” Fontaine

Corona made good use of the combination from the start of the first round, and her controlled fighting technique allowed her to make solid punches. Fontaine staid strong through the second with some great jabs to Corona’s head.

But Corona came out with continuous punches straight to the head in the third round, putting Fontaine on the defensive.

Corona took the fight by unanimous decision.

“By the end of the third round, I was ridiculously exhausted, the last 30 seconds were the longest I have ever had, but having my hand raised at the end by the ref was so cool,” Farias said.

Holly “Hacksaw” Hinz def. Kim “Quick Feet” Hickey

Hinz, a sophomore, set the tone for this bout with a right hook to sophomore Hickey’s face immediately after the opening bell. Hickey returned with a strong uppercut, but was soon forced against the ropes in the second round.

The third yielded a strong left hook from Hinz, and consecutive jabs to the stomach from Hickey.

Hinz was declared the victor by a unanimous decision.

“Being my first year of fighting, I was pretty nervous, but once I was in the ring and the adrenaline got going, the fight went by really fast and I had so much fun,” Hinz said, “It was great being able to win my fight with all my friends cheering me on.”

Meghan “Hard Rock” Ryan def. Deirdre “Meatball” Murdy

Ryan dominated the first round, pushing sophomore Murdy up against the ropes.

Ryan delivered once again in the second with three straight jabs to the head, but Murdy was able to hold on with a great right hook.

Ryan gave a hard jab to the face to begin the third, and Murdy returned with the 1-2-1 punching rhythm.

Ryan took the bout by unanimous decision.

“Bloody” Mary Beauclair def. Joanna “La Dona” Martinez

From the opening bell, junior Beauclair came out strong, with continuous face jabs, forcing junior Martinez on the defensive.

In the second round, Martinez knocked down Beauclair in the last two seconds, but Beauclair came back in the third with some strong cross punches.

The decision was unanimous in favor of Beauclair.

Liz “I Should Have Been a Cheeleader” Pike def. Angela “Bring it” Rossi

Pike, a senior, came out tough with some great jabs to the body, and junior Rossi gave Pike a strong left hook to the face in the first round.

Pike returned with a 1-2 punching rhythm in the second, receiving some hard jabs to her torso from Rossi.

The third yielded a left hook from Pike and continuous jabs from Rossi.

However, it was Pike’s hand that was raised in the end, and she took the bout by split decision.

Anna “Thunda Punch” Dwyer def. Molly “The Peachbruiser” McCarthy

Sophomore Dwyer took the last bout of the evening victorious, by unanimous decision.

Dwyer began the first round forced up against the ropes by McCarthy, a junior, but came back in the second dealing continuous jabs to McCarthy’s face.

In the third, McCarthy returned with a great left hook, but Dwyer had some solid hits to the head and body, eventually giving her the win.