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Drunken revelry justified by ‘Change and Hope’

Letter to the Editor | Monday, November 10, 2008

Last week seemed to be the pinnacle of my existence as an American when I learned from thousands of miles away that Barack Obama was to become my future president. I became overwhelmed and on the verge of tears while observing the millions of people cheering for our nation’s soon to be first African-American president. Although I was watching from a computer all the way from Yanji, a small Chinese city conveniently sandwiched between Russia and North Korea, and had only two other Americans to share this historical occasion with, my overwhelming happiness could not escape me for several days.

Unfortunately, my elation came to a screeching halt upon learning of the viewpoint article titled “Drunken Revelry Inappropriate.” Does this student realize what had just happen in our beloved nation last Tuesday? A smart, intelligent man who happens to be black was able to obtain arguably the most powerful position in the world only several decades after African-Americans were not even allowed to vote. Amidst this, all Mr. Miller can do is worry about his studies?!

Yes it is unfortunate that people’s bikes were thrown on trees just as they are throughout the school year, and that the election celebration distracted the handful of focused students just as dorm parties distract the dozens of students who choose to sleep or study on a Friday or Saturday night. I am sure every football weekend, students “run amuck and shout banter” at the top of their lungs in a “drunken frenzy” throughout campus when our football team claims victory. Furthermore, it is tradition for ND male students to gallivant their nude bodies around campus before finals in anticipation of the end of the semester which I am sure causes small riots here and there amongst excited young ladies.

Thus, may I remind Mr. Miller that a presidential election happens only every four years and never before has a person of color in our country accomplished such a feat. I have to admit that I once was an uptight pre-med student who would occasionally get annoyed at the random distractions and outbursts that would echo the walls of the CoMo lounge. But I knew when to soften up and allow chaos to disrupt my studies such as when the first huge snowfall of the school year occurs or during March Madness when the huge big screen TVs cause havoc among the hardcore college basketball fans amidst the clueless, studious students.

Maybe Mr. Miller was a stringent McCain supporter, or maybe a hardcore conservative, wealthy Republican, or simply does not know how to have fun and loosen up when necessary. Maybe he should have gone back to his home off-campus to focus on his studies which seems to be way more important than this historic election. Although, I am sure the people of South Bend took to the streets as well, like the rest of the world did. Who knows? But in the words of Obama, I can only HOPE that his uptight ways CHANGE in order for him to realize the joy of being a college student and a proud American under the future guidance of Barack Obama.

Eric Sales


class of ’08

Nov. 9