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Letter to the Editor | Monday, November 3, 2008

Hark, ye fellow Domers!

As we were watching the Texas Tech students rush their field not once, not twice, but THREE times this past Saturday, a sad realization settled over the room: Texas Tech just rushed the field three more times in one game than we will in four years. As a matter of fact, the Texas Tech student body has had so much fun in recent years that their field goal posts have been placed on ropes so field officials can lower them before students can tear them down in their joy-rage.

I know that rushing the field is not necessarily the goal of every game, but it would be nice to win a game that would warrant such a glorious celebration. Unfortunately, the outlook for winning such a game is bleak given the lack of quality home wins in recent years. To enlighten the freshman and sophomore classes, who have cursed our football program with their presence, the last quality win we’ve had at home was against Penn State in 2006 and that was far from field-rushing material.

Therefore, to remedy this problem, we propose a premeditated stampede to the gridiron at the next home game. That is correct folks: we are planning to storm our hallowed field after the conclusion of the Syracuse game. We are about 87 percent sure even we can’t lose to Syracuse at home. I mean, they’re no Navy.

I know some of you haters sitting in your ivory towers will say that a victory over Syracuse is not worth populating the turf with students, but after last seasons lone home victory coming against Duke and our loss against a mediocre Pittsburgh team last week, we should never take a home victory for granted again. Each win we have at home is worth celebrating. For all of you that don’t think this will be worthwhile, imagine how much fun it will be to watch Sportscenter analysts try to make sense of the student body rushing the field after beating a (projected) 2-8 Syracuse team. And then imagine your delight after seeing Lou Holtz explain to Mark May why such an event is occurring.

As my beloved father once told us after losing to Pittsburgh, “I hope you boys came to this school for an education.” Well, let’s put it this way: when I tell people that I go to Notre Dame, they don’t say “Wow! What an education you must be getting!” Conversely, they usually say “Wow! You must really hate football now!” It’s time to change that. Maybe at least a few people will one day say “Wow! Rushing the field against Syracuse must have been a blast.”

To all the alumni reading this letter sitting aghast wherever it is that alumni read The Observer, allow me to sway you. I know Notre Dame is “more than football”, but what do you reminisce about most when recounting the glory days? I know football is near the top of your list. Well, when I graduate, I want to be able to talk about something other than how I survived the worst season in school history. My kids will never have to know that Syracuse was 2-8. And to all of you that cite “tradition” as a reason not to rush the field, I say to you: if Charlie can make the team wear green jerseys against Army, then the students can rush the field against Syracuse.

Let’s go all out on this one. Do it for the seniors. Make signs. Dress up in costumes. It’s time to have fun at a home game. Let’s do this right. To recap: Rush the field after the Syracuse game (contingent upon victory).

Cameron Randle


Matt Howard


Chris Adcock



Nov. 2