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Snowball incident disrespectful

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Fellow Domers,I feel compelled to share with you a situation I encountered at work this morning. Five minutes after I walked into the building, three of my coworkers approached me with the question, “Hey, how about that game?” But not one of them was referring to the score. They went on to ask, “What was with the snowballs?” I am a graduate of the Class of 2005 – an incredibly proud graduate. Like all of you, I stood through every game … and if you count back, those were not the winningest years in Irish history. But never, not once, did anyone disrespect the members of our own team – our classmates. In throwing those snowballs at our own on Saturday afternoon, you created the first situation in which I have ever been embarrassed by the students at Notre Dame. What you did before a visiting team, a stadium full of fans and a national television audience was immature and tactless, not to mention beneath you.For the seniors among you, Saturday marked your last home game. A picture from my last game hangs in my living room. I don’t remember the score. I don’t remember whether we won or lost. In fact, I don’t even recall who we were playing. I just remember thinking I was so lucky to be standing there with the best friends and some of the best people I would ever know, and that for four years I had been so privileged to do so. Gaining and accepting admission to Notre Dame, we all became her representatives. Emotions are running high right now, as they always have. We’re all passionate about our school and our team. So by all means, discuss and debate, but stand behind your own. Doing any less is showing disrespect to Our Lady on the Dome.

Abigail Wuellneralumclass of 2005Nov. 23