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Some Women Like ‘Die Hard’

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Women Like “Die Hard” Now that I have your attention, I greatly appreciated Andrew Miller’s article “Engendering conflict,” not only because I’m a “die-hard” musical lover, but also for his point on why it’s not too far off for men to like musicals…or are too afraid to admit it.

On the flip side, there are some women, including myself, who like the so- called “guy movies.” As a woman, it may sound crazy, but I would pick a really good action film over a bad chick flick any day. To illustrate my point, I went to see Kill Bill Vol. 2 with 6 guys (since no girl I knew wanted to see it), I get giddy when a new James Bond film comes out, and I find Die Hard rather fun and enjoyable! Seriously, Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Reginald Vel Johnson a.k.a. Carl Winslow… you can’t go wrong! Granted, I was an FTT major at ND, but still.

Nevertheless, musicals are my passion. If guys are still a bit hesitant to take a leap of faith and enjoy musicals, here’s some info that may ease the process. First, before “300,” Gerald Butler played the Phantom in the film version of “The Phantom of the Opera.” Before he ever said the catch-line, “This is Sparta,” he was singing the famous “Music of the Night.” Second, while we all loved Eddie Murphy in the Beverly Hills Cop films and on SNL, you can’t deny that one of his best moments was his role in “Dreamgirls.” Third, Hugh Jackman. Yes, we all know him as Wolverine, but did you know he also won a Tony award for his performance in “The Boy from Oz,” a musical? Heck, even Marlon Brando starred in “Guys and Dolls!” And if you think football and any other sport involves athleticism, just watch the dancing numbers in “Singin’ in the Rain,” specifically “Make ‘Em Laugh,” “Moses Supposes,” and that little number in which Gene Kelly sings and dances in the rain. Better yet, just watch any musical with Gene Kelly, who brought athletics to musicals. If guys can watch Stewie Griffin dance with him, maybe it won’t be so difficult.

So, if I can admit to my liking of “Goldeneye,” “300” and the Die Hard series over “The Notebook,” “27 Dresses” and “Made of Honor,” then maybe guys should “man up” and give musicals a shot.

Brittany Mazur


Class of 2007

Nov. 12