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Students lament unexpected Syracuse loss

Nora Kenney | Monday, November 24, 2008

The atmosphere on campus since Saturday’s game has been a grim reflection of the disappointments endured by fans and players this weekend in Notre Dame Stadium. For seniors, this last home game was especially saddening.

Senior Allison Lang was emotional about watching the game from the student section for the last time.

“I personally didn’t care about the score at the end of the game. It was just the fact that it was the first big ‘last,'” she said.

Lang’s emotions were not abnormal. Many seniors were seen crying at the game or expressing anger.

Senior Andrew Balsley, said the game “was definitely a poor showing. Everyone was pretty angry that we lost to such an awful team. There was a lot of swearing and people being mad at Weis for having such an awful game. We at least got to enjoy half-time and the marshmallows and that tradition for seniors. It got worse and worse as the game went on and we couldn’t close it out.”

Marshmallows were not the only white objects thrown throughout the game.

Students caught throwing snowballs at fans, players, or authoritative figures were dealt with harshly.

Freshman Julie Cooney said, “we watched a guy get removed from the stadium for hitting a police officer who was standing on the field. Obviously he didn’t do it, as his friends and the entire section were protesting the impossibility. If you could hit a guy in the back of the head with a snow ball from section 34, you would replace Jimmy Clausen.”

It is unclear whether or not the snowballs were aimed at the players.

Sophomore Brian Monson said, “I don’t think it was intended for the team, but you’re that far away. You’re not accurately going to throw the snowball at the team. It’s something that you wouldn’t expect from kids here at Notre Dame. You think they would show some class, some restraint. My roommate feels very strongly about this. He got hit.”

At his Sunday press conference, Notre Dame head football coach Charlie Weis was asked what he thought about members of the student section throwing snowballs towards the team throughout the game.

“I was taken back about it, to tell you the truth,” he said. “I was caught a little off guard because they started coming early. And I think that maybe it was meant in fun at the start of the game. But it’s a dangerous thing. And it’s just something I wish would have been avoided.”

Because Syracuse was 2-8, plays such as Toryan Smith’s interception and lateral, as well as a win, were expected.

“We made a lot of mental errors which is the same thing we’ve done all season. I don’t know if it’s a player thing or a coaching thing but there are so many mental lapses,” Monson said.

In the end, the loss was unable to quench the undying loyalty of the seniors.

“It was really cool that the seniors all went on the field and took pictures after the game, Lang said. “We were on the field to take pictures and walk out through the tunnel and see all the senior football players with their uniforms and it was a really good interaction.”