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The most infamous Bond villians

James McGuire | Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Auric Goldfinger Played by Gert Frobe, Auric Goldfinger was a gold-crazed business man who tried to break into Fort Knox before getting thwarted by 007 (Sean Connery) in “Goldfinger.” To his credit, Goldfinger orchestrated some of the most needlessly complicated deaths in the series, including encasing his assistant Jill Masterson completely in gold and trying to slice Bond in half with a giant laser. Besides his elaborate schemes, Goldfinger is probably best remembered for his henchmen, including the giant Korean assassin Oddjob and the temptress Pussy Galore (which has to be one of the best Bond girl names ever).

Ernst Stavro Blofeld No, that sinister bald man stroking the big white cat is not Dr. Evil. It’s Blofeld, the dastardly head of SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Treason, Revenge, and Extortion) whose hobbies include hijacking spacecrafts and poisoning the world’s food supply in hopes of world domination. Blofeld is a hard man to track down; we see little more than the back of his head in his first few Bond appearances. Though voiced and played by several actors, Blofeld was probably best embodied by Donald Pleasance in “You Only Live Twice” and Telly Savalas in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Max ZorinPlayed with slick creepiness by Christopher Walken, Max Zorin was a world-famous industrialist and a pain in James Bond’s side in “A View to a Kill.” Even if the 80’s Bond movies were nothing to write home about, Zorin was one of the standout villains in Bond history. Although he was the man with the plan (he wanted to cause an earthquake in Silicon Valley to take over the microchip market), he was also a stone-cold killer along with his wiry henchwoman MayDay (model Grace Jones). He gets his comeuppance in rather cool fashion, though, by falling from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Xenia OnatoppBond girls aren’t always sugar and spice and world-class experts in whatever science 007 needs at the time. Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) stole the show as Alec Trevelyan’s lusty henchwoman in “GoldenEye.” A noted sadist and masochist, Xenia took a little too much pleasure in killing people in her boss’s grand scheme to steal and fire the GoldenEye laser in an attempt to destroy the world’s financial markets. When her trusty AK-47 wasn’t available, Xenia was happy to use her very strong thighs to take out anyone who was in her way, including 007 (Pierce Brosnan in his first turn as the special agent). Jaws It might be a funny name but don’t laugh because he just might take a bite out of you. Jaws (Richard Kiel), an angry giant with stainless steel teeth, definitely gave Bond a hard time in “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker.” Though at first he is a cold-hearted killing machine, he did do some pretty cool stuff like bite through metal chains and stop an entire cable car system with his bare hands. Jaws does eventually see the light and manages to help James Bond and Holly Goodhead prevent the evil Hugo Drax from destroying the human race.