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To the stadium ushers

Letter to the Editor | Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you kindly for your vigilant removal of so many hostile student snowball throwers.

When I was a young boy, I was hit in the head with a snowball by some school yard bullies. The pure shame alone was unbearable, not to mention the multiple surgeries I had to undergo to correct the injury. This act in which, during winter season, many festive youth demonically take joy is a statement to each victim, “We do not like you; we think you are a loser.”

Sure I could have taken it lightly and assumed that it’s not malicious and just for fun; but clearly snowball throwing is a hateful, wicked attempt to single out a person and defile, embarrass and hopefully maim them. I can only plead that for the next big quad snowball fight, we bring in SWAT and not only save some lives, but perhaps even save some poor students’ self-worth.

Satire aside, it is unfortunate that some of our players were hit. I hope this was accidental given the weakness of accuracy for even the soberest, most discerning snowball thrower. On the other hand, that trooper getting smoked in the head was hilarious. I finally learned what he and his posse contribute to the game and school. Their eagle eye powers which give them superhuman vision to swiftly kick out students who try to hit them with snowballs should make us all feel safe.

Every home game you attend, check your insecurities at the entrance. They see all. It is sad that critics and disgruntled alumni are questioning the students’ pride in and support of our team and school just because of some thrown snowballs. While the students at very good football schools hardly make it to the games, nearly every Notre Dame student attends every home game, stays standing the entire game and remains to sing the alma mater and victory march in honor of the team regardless of weather and the outcome.

Or perhaps these critics have never stayed until the end of a game and didn’t know this.

Connor Keenan


Siegfried Hall

Nov. 24