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Where are all the nice boys?

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Mr. Leonard,Yuck. That was definitely the first thought that came to mind reading through your response (“Another perspective,” Nov. 21) to Melissa Buddie and her Nov. 19 letter “The hook-up culture.” At first I thought you were joking, but continued reading in utter horror to find you clearly weren’t. I’m not the “average” college student with weekends scheduled around partying till dawn, hooking up with guys who are practically strangers, then sleeping all day. Please bear in mind that I am not trying to generalize “us crazy college kids” into one category, but everyone has to admit that partying is a big part of college life, with no exception here at Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, etc. Just overhearing conversations amongst peers in the dining hall alone tells me what ranks as the most popular activity.I am oh-so-sorry you have the horrible burden of being bothered by those “hook-ups” that keep badgering you with simple text messages and phone calls. Life sure seems hard. Did you ever give it a thought that perhaps those young ladies felt more than just a “tricky, licky, sticky, solid time”? Again, I do not want to try and dwindle all personal thoughts and beliefs to one main stereotype. I must declare, however, that a lot of the times a female will feel more than just a physical connection with whomever she engages with sexually than the male partner, especially when it comes to casual hook-ups. You cannot possibly make me believe for one moment that all 23 to 25 or more girls you ravished and conquered with your undying sexual skills contacted you only for more, more, more.Perhaps my freshmen knowledge of college boys and the birds and bees may seem a bit na’ve, but I know a pig when I see one. I do not live on campus, and I have never ventured over on the Sweep to party the alcohol-induced night away in fears of running into big bad tough guys like you. I would love for Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross to set up some sort of dating service, just to get the utterly awkward process of meeting boys and girls out of the way. One thing is for sure: Though your thumb may be sore from all that silencing of your phone, the Observer-reading community knows of a certain bodily digit you just can’t keep down.Sincerely,Wondering where all the nice boys are.

Katie FisherfreshmanLeMans HallNov. 21