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Crying over spilled Beer

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This past weekend, I got a ticket, headed out to Los Angeles, but was not prepared for the unprovoked attack I would suffer minutes before the game.

While tailgating outside the stadium, I enjoyed an adult beverage while the USC “Band” marched on the roadway outside the Coliseum next to the tailgate I was attending. I watched the supposed band march past us playing one of the two songs they know, held up my adult beverage, and yelled “Go Irish”.

The adult juice box in my hand ended up on the ground, upon a pile of broken glass doused in tears pouring from my eyes. The party responsible for this travesty was not me, but a member of the USC marching band.

I was stunned to say the least. I couldn’t move and was thankfully frozen and prevented from facing surefire jail time from hitting the sorry excuse for a trombone player in his stupid sunglasses that he was wearing for a night game.

It became even more obvious to me that our band is superior to any other hack band in the country. Would any other opposing fan ever have a trombone player or any other band member attack them? Would the Band of the Fighting Irish stoop to the level of spilling precious adult beverages just to embarrass an opposing fan? No.

This sunglass wearing, slow marching, and two song playing sorry excuse for a band member could never match our glorious individuals, so I can’t blame him, but he did not have to stoop to the level of spilling my beer. My only way of surviving the game in person.

In this, I salute our band for their ever present class and talent and will ever assert the primacy of the Band of the Fighting Irish.

A Slightly Drunk Mike Smith Senior,

Michael Smith


Alumni Hall

Dec. 2