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Decline a bowl game

Liz Harter | Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It seems to be official. ESPN, WNDU, Irisheyes.com and, according to today’s sports section of The Observer, a source close to the administration have confirmed that Charlie Weis will remain as the head football coach at our fair University.

I won’t lie and say I’m not entirely sad that I’ll be graduating at the end of the year and won’t have to sit through another dismal season in the student section. Instead, I’ll most likely be sitting elsewhere in the stadium watching a dismal season – let’s face it, I’ll be an Irish fan for life.

That being said, I, like many fans, was disappointed in the Irish’s showing against USC. Obviously, I?don’t like that we lost or the fact that it took us almost 45 minutes to get a first down. But what I’m most disappointed in is the lack of passion I?saw from our team.

Now, I’ve never written a sports article, nor do I?claim to have an extensive knowledge of the sport of football, but I?was at USC. I?don’t know how much they showed on TV?but before the game the players of both teams got into a fight. Then, two players, one from each team, were ejected from the game because of fighting.

After the game, Charlie Weis said that he expects the team to be going somewhere when bowl selection day rolls around.

I want to ask why? Why should we go to a bowl game?

We barely beat Navy. We lost to a team that was 2-8. What have we done that shows that we deserve to go to a bowl?

Sure, we lost to USC, but let’s be honest, who didn’t see that one coming? I’m not saying that we don’t deserve to go to the Sun Bowl or the Poinsettia Bowl just because we lost to a team that we knew was going to be able to beat us into the ground.

I’m saying we don’t deserve to go to a bowl game because the only time I?saw our players get fired up on Saturday was when they were fighting USC players. Why not put the passion you showed us yelling and pushing the Trojans into the tackles you tried to make that night?

I’m saying we don’t deserve to go to a bowl game because the only excitement I?saw on the field during the Syracuse game was when Pat Kuntz got mad because he got hit with a snowball.

Don’t get me wrong, I?commend our players for being students and athletes, but really, at the past two games they looked tired. They didn’t show me anything that made me want to see them play again this season. It’s getting to be cruel and unusual punishment watching Notre Dame football games. Why do I?want to watch any more?

I’m sorry that if Notre Dame doesn’t go to a bowl game the senior football players won’t play for the Irish again, but maybe it’s best to just go quietly. Congratulations on four years, but please don’t subject me to anymore.

I understand that money changes hands when teams are invited to bowl games, and therefore ND will obviously go wherever they are invited. But seriously, think about sparing us the pain and respectfully decline.

Personally, I know I would thank you for doing so.