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It’s not arrogance, it’s pride

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In response to the Dec. 3 column titled, “Notre Dame Arrogance,” I completely disagree with such a classification. I am surprised that a fellow alum would take a stance that so often is mis characterized by people outside of the extended Notre Dame family.

To me the culture is one of tremendous pride, not arrogance. Going to Notre Dame fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine and is something I will always cherish. I believe that this pride is rampant among fellow alums, current students, faculty or subway alum that have at some point been associated with Notre Dame be it from growing up going to football games, watching the movie Rudy, or just being able to visit campus.

I never look at myself as better than anyone else based on where I graduated from college but rather am humbled that I could be a part of something that I regard as special. There will always be situations where a scant few create a negative reputation based on their actions and force others to believe that this is representative of the entire group (snowballs anyone?).

However I believe that Notre Dame is not an arrogant institution. We strive to be the best in whatever we do and that goes for academics, athletics or even graduation speakers. I don’t think our arrogance has been pushed to the forefront but rather a desire to succeed. This “football spectacle” was created by a desire to once again be relevant in a passion that many cherish.

What few might call arrogance I still hold to be pride. I am proud to be part of the Notre Dame family whether we go 0-12 or 12-0 in football and believe that it would take a lot to tarnish the multitude of accomplishments that this University has achieved.

Mark Connolly


class of ’05

Dec. 3