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Lies, fritters, and South

Letter to the Editor | Monday, December 8, 2008

This past Thursday, I sat down with my tray and my Observer to relax a bit between classes and enjoy lunch. I surveyed the tray before me with very mild enthusiasm. The repetitiveness of the meals and my relatively picky taste in food had forced me to resort to peanut butter & jelly, Captain Crunch, yogurt, and an apple fritter. I can say that the only thing I was really looking forward to was the apple fritter, which only makes seldom appearances in the dessert section, especially considering it is forced to share playing time with the not as delicious cinnamon fritter. However, I also glanced at my dessert with a hint of skepticism as I worked through the main part of my food.

The thing is, this was probably the fifth or sixth time I had grabbed an apple fritter this year, and each and every time I have been met with no apple. I have even resorted on a few occasions to cutting my fritter in half before eating it in order to avoid disappointment. But on Thursday, I had some hope that I would not be disappointed again. In the end, I was met with a feeling I have become very accustomed during football season: disappointment. The fritter was empty again. I don’t know who to blame for this. Is it a case of false advertising by the dining hall, or are the fritter makers skimping on the filling? I don’t even know if I am just incredibly bad at choosing fritters.

But I felt obliged to write this letter not only because I feel like I can make a difference but also because the running commentary about snowballs, Charlie Weis, and ND arrogance are bringing me down. In conclusion, I hope someone out there feels my pain and does something concrete about it. I, on the other hand, will keep hoping for more apple in my fritters and hopefully more of those cinnamon muffins that are far too rare.

Jack Vogel



Dec. 8