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Please don’t stop the music

Letter to the Editor | Monday, December 1, 2008

So we may not be doing so hot in football, but at least we can still proudly say we have tradition: the Friday afternoon pep rally, the band’s performance at Bond Hall, the football player’s exiting mass, tailgating with friends and family, and the list goes on. For me, the epitome of Irish football tradition is Friday’s Drummer’s Circle at midnight.

I look forward to yelling and dancing as I scream my lungs out. I am obviously a huge fan of the Notre Dame drumline and love to show my support by coming out and cheering with them every single home game weekend. This is the best opportunity to show my school spirit and get amped up for the game. This past weekend was no exception; I went to the steps of Main Building, despite the low temperatures and the good amount of snow on the ground, for the last Drummer’s Circle of the year. Once I made my way to the front of the crowd, I was rudely pushed back by NDSP as they shined their flashlight in my eyes. Although this got me a bit upset, NDSP was doing its job; they were making room for the drumline. I only question what was, according to me, excessive use of force. Like I said, however, I don’t mind being pushed a little as long as I get to hear those beats.

But what ruined this last Drummer’s Circle for me was when four or five drunken guys, two with solo cups in hand, stepped inside the circle and interrupted the performance. They tried to quiet the protesting crowds; one was yelling slurred words to announce that a top recruit for next year was among them. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what he was saying or who this recruit was, nor do I care. For me, not even Jimmy Clausen is important enough to interrupt the drumline.

Anyway, what makes me really upset is the fact that NDSP did nothing about it. They were not shining lights in their eyes, they were not pushing them out of the circle, they were nowhere to be seen! It just makes me wonder if it is a coincidence that NDSP was conveniently absent while these drunken guys who were possible future football players interrupted the performance, that maybe this was preferential treatment towards athletes, especially the football players. Would NDSP have been missing if it were normal students the ones in there?

Caroline Green


McGlinn Hall

Nov 23