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Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miss Jess Shaffer is a wonderful friend and writer, but she is absolutely wrong. Batman should never be kicked out “the Superhero club” (Inside Column “If I Were a superhero…”). While our allegiance has always been to Superman, Batman deserves the utmost respect and admiration. Miss Shaffer tries to say that Batman does not fit the term “superhero.” Hah! Having saved Gotham and its peoples from various nefarious foes, he is most certainly a “hero.” And as a mere human man his ability to perform these feats while risking his own mortal life it was makes him “super.” Contrary to Miss Shaffer’s claim that “clearly the etymology of superhero is a combination of supernatural and hero” the OED tells a different story. The prefix of ‘super’ does not relate to the supernatural but rather to designate something that surpasses all others. Therefore, Batman does not need supernatural abilities to be classified as a superhero. Furthermore, Miss Shaffer admits that Superman and Wonder Woman are superheroes. Funny, we believe they are in the Justice League with none other than Batman himself.

Bruce Wayne did not simply fall into this lifestyle by being bitten by a spider or born on Krypton. He chooses to help others, which makes him even more heroic. In Christopher Nolan’s most recent interpretation the Caped Crusader sacrifices the opportunity of love, taints his reputation by using the cover of an egotistical billionaire, and even allows the people of the city to see him as a ‘dark knight’ and murderer. That is a true superhero; one that is not looking for praise or worship but simply has the best interest of the community at heart. While people like Miss Shaffer may abuse superpowers for superficial things like crepes others have a strict adherence to a code of justice like Batman. Bruce Wayne is intelligent, caring and selfless. And while Christian Bale’s voice is admittedly humorous in his portrayal, that does not prevent him from being a total badass. Batman should definitely be included in “the Superhero club,” and we would even nominate him to be appointed president.

Caitlin Ferraro


Farley Hall

Cornelius Rogers


Keenan Hall

Jan. 27