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Planning your game watch

Martha Karam | Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The success of throwing a good Super Bowl party is all about the pre-gaming. By planning your party to watch the game before Sunday morning, you can make sure to have a great Super Bowl, no matter who wins.First step? Regardless of whether or not you’re throwing or attending a party, you better know who is playing this year. It is the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. Now, use this checklist to make sure that when you and your friends watch the Super Bowl it is not just a watch, it is a party.1. Chose your guest list wisely. If you know one of your friends thinks sport watching is serious business, try not to invite him if uses the couch as a trampoline at every touchdown. If your best friend is die-hard football fan from Arizona, your outspoken boyfriend from Pittsburgh should stay with his friends the night of the game. 2. Find, or make, a comfortable place to watch the game. It may be difficult to find a section lounge or 24-hour space that is free to watch the game, so make your own place. Most dorm rooms can hold you and a few of your friends comfortably as long as you rearrange your room. Even if for the duration of the game you cannot get into your bed, desk, sink or dresser, if it means fitting your friends comfortably, by all means stack, push and crunch your bulk together to get a common-room feel in your double. Also set up a trash bag in a central location in your room to make the clean up easier.3. Feast and drink well. Though a dorm kitchen and the section microwave are probably not capable of making Super Bowl snacks up to your standards, they both can come close. The food you chose to be at your Super Bowl party needs to be inexpensive, easy and as mess-free as possible. A traditional option is mini-weenies, but they will be your option because their only requirements are toothpicks and a microwave. Another dorm option that is often featured at weeknight events is a chip and dip tray. The Huddle sells several different ready-to-eat dips and tortilla chips. If all else fails and you have nothing by Sunday, picking up buffalo wings from Buffalo Wild Wings or Wings Etc. passes as authentic Super Bowl food, not procrastination. When choosing beverage, cater to your guests with sugar-fee options and cups for water.Buy more napkins than you think is necessary and miniature plates to keep everything tidy and limit your post-game clean up.4. Set your TiVo. Most college students cannot afford to have a digital video recorder and skipping commercials during the Super Bowl is sacrilege, but this year’s game promises to be as memorable as years past. With confirmed guests such as Jennifer Hudson, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and John Elway, even after this Sunday the game can provide long lasting entertainment as memorable as the infamous wardrobe malfunction. 5. As a host, stay neutral. Try not to make your guests uncomfortable by covering your door in Steelers or Cardinals gear or by attacking your opposing team. It will make your guests wish they had gone to the party down the hall. The key to having fun at any Super Bowl game is to find out what you love about the game and go with it. Whether you’re having the party for the food, friends, or just a study break, stick with these guidelines and you’ll have a good time.

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