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Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, January 27, 2009

As we read the Viewpoints in the Jan. 26 Observer, we were disheartened to see how far the quality of the discourse within had fallen. We were particularly distraught by the lack of substance to Ms. Adam’s argument in her letter “Our big-eyed bushy-tailed problem” (Jan. 26). Her letter was an attack on the fundamentals of serious academic discussion that have been the hallmark of the Observer. The idealistic tripe contained within her letter is an insult to the intellect of the entire Notre Dame community. From start to finish, Ms. Adam’s ideas are offensive and harmful to our community. Her assertion that we should “work with nature, not against it” is exactly what the squirrels want from our leadership. In spite of “daily acts of aggression” and “suicide missions”, she has proposed that our leadership appease the squirrels to avoid future conflict. This action would set a dangerous precedent for future conflicts involving the growing threat from the avian population that has invaded our waters.

As opposed to harboring these militants in our own dwellings, the clear solution is to create a feline task force charged with defending our territory from these aggressors. For this to succeed, we must give them free reign to carry out their duties without unnecessary bureaucracy and oversight. This plan is essential to the safety and well-being of the entire Notre Dame community and should be enacted swiftly to avoid further tragedies.

Erik Helgensen


Stanford Hall

James Stein


Zahm Hall

Jan. 26