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Surely you jest

Observer Viewpoint | Thursday, January 29, 2009

I grab one Observer everyday with lunch, however today I grabbed two. The first time I read the headline ‘InterhalI Ice Hockey is a Joke’ I covered it with regurgitated chocolate dairy beverage and needed a second paper. Matthew, how can I prove my hockey fanhood to you? Well I am from Buffalo, NY and we don’t have much else besides hockey, enough said. So let us communicate from one hockey die-hard to another. Matthew, you ask for more levels of hockey, I agree, give this man (and this campus) more hockey. Have an ‘A’ league, a ‘B’ league, and a ‘What the puck is going on’ league. I would love to play intramural hockey, but I have no equipment, and took ice skating lessons in PE. You’re not going to find me on the ice trying the triple-deke anytime soon. However, this is where my opinion differs. Lengthening the season would only make it monotonous. With a shorter schedule each game is worth much more giving a playoff style atmosphere to each game. You complain that the season is too short if you don’t make the playoffs. Quick fix, play better. My biggest issue with your letter is the idea that ‘Interhall Ice Hockey is a Joke.’ I mean, really? My first interhall ice hockey game was last night: Alumni vs. Zahm. Every Dawg cheered their men to victory with unrivaled intensity. The game lasted for about an hour and a half and ended with an awe-inspiring defeat of Zahm. Everyone left the game knowing that they had seen something great. Even though there were no Flying V’s or Knucklepucks, there were lightening saves, dekes that pushed your concept of reality to the brink, and even a brawl. So Matthew, I agree with the notion that we need more hockey, who doesn’t, but if you can’t look forward to this great tradition then the joke is on you.

Tim Schumer


Alumni Hall

Jan. 29