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Unnecessary Aggression

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I was immensely distraught after reading Mr. Helgensen’s and Mr. Stein’s proposed solution to the squirrel problem in their letter “Seriously?” (Jan 28). Their proposed feline task force is utterly at odds with common sense.

It is cruel to subject innocent cats to the thankless task of defending our quads from squirrels. The stresses of hunting down these squirrels will make it difficult for participants in this “task force” to readjust to domestic life when the squirrel problem is taken care of, if ever – the sheer scale of the problem could mean that this task force is out patrolling for years before we see any real results.

Additionally, the amount of funding needed for such a job will be phenomenal – providing adequate shelter for the cats, food to supplement their diet of squirrels, and medical care for when the squirrels fight back.

In this current economic climate, I would much rather have my tuition money go to something that directly benefits the students of this University, such as leaving on the lights in Nieuwland.

By this point, the Notre Dame community has let the squirrel problem go unchecked for too long. A task force or any similarly aggressive measure will only increase squirrel hostility and waste our tuition money – it is time for divine intervention.

Let’s take advantage of our university’s Catholic identity and call in some favors. I propose a candlelight vigil at the Grotto as we pray for the souls of these squirrels, that they may realize the error of their ways, stop their hostility, and move on to better feeding grounds. Or that God will take care of it Old Testament-style and smite them.

At this point, we can’t be picky.

Laura Schmoe


Pasquerilla West Hall

Jan 28