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Diamonds on Feb. 14

Laura Myers | Thursday, February 12, 2009

The temperature has been above freezing for almost a week now. On Tuesday, I saw the sun. I’ve been wearing flip-flops since Saturday. Yesterday, it started raining.

Indeed, signs of South Bend spring are everywhere. And with Feb. 14 drawing near, I’ve got diamonds on the brain.

No, I’m not talking about getting engaged. Seeing as how I’m a sophomore and single, it would be a pretty big shock if someone were to take me down to the grotto and pop the question. If it did happen, I’m pretty sure I would decline. (Exception: Michael Floyd.)

I’m talking about a different type of diamond. A kind that is less expensive to enjoy – not counting in New York – and a much better best friend than a jewel is.

That’s right. Cubs fans, start your engines (hear that distinctive whine?), because it’s baseball season again.

On Saturday – known to some as Valentine’s Day, to others as Singles Awareness Day, still to others as Jon McLaughlin Day – pitchers and catchers will begin reporting to their spring training camps all along the warm parts of the country.

Actually, the pitchers and catchers of one team will start reporting on Friday the 13th. Interesting that the Yankees think of themselves as above bad luck.

Baseball season is my favorite part of the year. I’m a happier person when I have sports to ease my stress, and basketball just doesn’t cut it. Granted, sometimes it adds to my stress, but that’s what you get for being a Notre Dame student from Cleveland.

The new season is already brimming with storylines, including yet another steroid scandal, C.C. Sabathia in those oh-so-slimming pinstripes, and my personal favorite, Manny-Being-Unemployed.

In my mind, though, the new season is still a blank slate.

Anything can happen over the course of five months and 162 baseball games. Every year, experts make predictions, and every year, they’re proved completely wrong.

Remember the beginning of 2008’s season, when the Tigers were supposed to score 1000 runs and easily win the World Series? Remember the end of the 2008 season, when the Tigers finished last, behind the Kansas City Royals?

I feel the urge to make fun of the Yankees and Cubs more, but it’s not fair because I’ve already targeted them. Plus, it’s just too easy.

The point is that, lame as it sounds, every team is undefeated right now.

There’s a point in every season where the general attitude among Indians fans switches from “It’s Tribe Time Now!” to “There’s always next year…”

Well, guess what. It’s 2009. It’s Tribe Time Now. And there’s always this year.