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Embrace the mud

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, February 15, 2009

I was appalled and ashamed of my dear friend, Steve DeLaurentis, when I found he wrote the Feb. 11 Viewpoint letter, “Please save me from the mud.” In the letter, he notes all the great upsides of warm weather, only to viciously attack one of the results of that weather: the mud. However, his arguments are not only false, but deeply offensive. First and foremost, who is Steve to criticize the the brilliant planning of pathway paving at Notre Dame? Little does he realize that by creating paths “poured in nonsensical patterns,” the incredible planners at Notre Dame try to make sure that we students, hurrying as fast as possible in the sub-zero temperatures, take time to enjoy the wintry, freezing surroundings. By cutting across quads, Steve and his dastardly comrades bypass this plan and actually sully our beautiful lawns.

Secondly, and possibly more importantly, why do you critique mud, one of the great substances of Earth? Sure, it may dirty your sneakers, but its benefits are so much greater. Without mud, our friends below the border in Mexico could never have fashioned their adobe buildings. Furthermore, without mud, there could be no mud wrestling, a fun and athletic form of exercise in which many a female friend loves to participate.

So, Steve, I urge you: Forget your shoes and learn to love the mud.

Colin Keeler


Stanford Hall

Feb. 12