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Goals worth one point

Letter to the Editor | Monday, February 2, 2009

I grab one Observer everyday with lunch. My favorite section, as it is for many people, is the Viewpoint. In the past, there have been many articles I’ve disagreed with, some I’ve laughed at, and some that just made me wish I couldn’t read. But yesterday, for the first, I came across an article which was, to say the least, just wrong. I am of course talking about Tim Schumer’s “Surely you Jest” (Jan. 30) article. To summarize, Tim believes we should add more hockey leagues instead of lengthening the sole interhall hockey season. Being a player myself, I feel that the season is a little short and it is also true that the game times are ridiculously late at night. However, Tim’s opinions on interhall hockey were not the reason for my alarm yesterday. It was instead, his assertion that Alumni’s hockey team managed to beat Zahm’s very best Wednesday night. Now, I am fairly certain it was Zahm winning the entire game until Alumni trickled a puck into the net with 30 seconds left. While I understand that a 1-1 tie to the reigning league champs may have felt like an “awe-inspiring defeat” to an Alumni fan, it was, in fact, still at tie. Therefore, I suggest Tim rewrite his viewpoint, focusing on reasons for why a last minute goal in interhall hockey should now be worth two points.

Michael Murray



Jan. 30