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Hello friends =>

Katie Kohler | Thursday, February 26, 2009

As I approach the last two months of college, my friends and I have been reminiscing about things we’ve done, things we haven’t done, and things we didn’t even know existed. This will be a very informative column, as, for people who know me, I tend to stay relatively active (in between bouts of sloth). So take note:

Go to Quarter Dogs at least once. And by once, I mean thirty or forty times. A quarter. For a hot dog. Even as a senior I’ve gone more than once this year. Not the healthiest midnight snack, but delicious nonetheless.

Buy men’s basketball season tickets. This is the first year I’ve done it and I’m really happy I did. And at the very least, you get a free T-shirt.

Run the Holy Half. I tried to last year, trained, and then gave up. Because, come on, 13 miles is really, really far. But I commend those who do it and I will cheer for you again this year.

Do trivia at Between the Buns. For those of age, it is a very enjoyable way to spend your Tuesday evenings; second only to Corby’s.

Go tubing at Saint Patrick’s Park. It’s only 10 minutes away and the price is right at $3. Since it snows October through March, it’s a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Go to Studabagels. If you’ve never had it, you haven’t lived.

Paint your body for a football game. While my parents didn’t exactly approve of me strutting around in a sports bra and green paint, it was definitely a crowd pleaser and my roommates and I even made it on a banner or two. Note: do NOT use poster paint or acrylic paint. Poster cracks. Acrylic stains. I was blue for three days. Go team.

Go to Bengal Bouts. This is the first year I’ve gone, and it’s awesome. You can see your friends shirtless, relive your greatest Rocky fantasies, or just watch complete strangers hit each other. And it’s for charity.

Run the Finish on the 50. It will probably be the only time you will ever run out of the tunnel in the stadium. Also, free T-shirt.

Take advantage of the lakes. Feed the ducks. Run around them. Sit on a bench. Glare on the Dome; drink it in.

Go to mass at the basilica. Even if you’re not Catholic, it’s a magnificent piece of architecture and very entertaining to look at the ceiling.

Use a fake ID at CJ’s. And don’t pretend you haven’t done it. Because I know you have. And I may or may not have too. Jury’s out.

Go to a pep rally. Not several pep rallies, just a few.

Domerfest. Even as a senior, I still reminisce exchanging awkward introductions under the romantic glow of strobe lights. Magic.

So basically, I guess this is a senior year bucket list. For what it’s worth, these past four years have been unbelievable and there are things I haven’t had the chance to do, but not a lot. Enjoy.