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It’s not about the mom

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, February 8, 2009

First, I came across the AP article in front of The Observer, and then I read the Black Dog comic at the end about the crazy octuplets’ mom. Yes, she is crazy if she wants to keep on having random sperm donor children. That isn’t what I am contesting. Rather, people keep talking about the crazy mom and forget about the eight infants and six other children. Companies and corporations don’t want to send the mom things she obviously needs because of her not-so-socially correct way of having children. To quote the AP article, “… people are ready to boycott any corporations that help the octuplets or their mother.”

My question is this: Is it the octuplets’ fault, or really any of her children’s fault, that their crazy mom wants to keep having IVF sperm donated babies? I don’t think it is. It infuriates me that corporations and really average people who would normally laud and donate to a set of multiples this large are letting their opinions about the mom get in the way. The reality is that any help you give is really helping the babies, not necessarily the mom. They still deserve anything and everything that any other baby born into this world deserves. They, unfortunately just have a crazy mom getting in the way. I myself have a brother who had not one, but two babies before he turned 21 with a crazy wack-job of a girl. It’s not my nephews’ fault that they have a crazy mom and I do my best to love them and give them everything I think they deserve. Do the clothes or toys or diapers or formula I buy inadvertently help her? Yes because then that’s one less thing that she has to buy, but I don’t do it to help her. I do it to help my amazingly beautiful little nephews. The same thing applies here.

Most people may not agree with this crazy mom’s family planning strategy (I know I don’t) but should that stop us from helping out the little octuplets? No, because in the end, it’s not the crazy mom who is going to suffer (she’ll likely just keep on having babies), but rather it’s the children and they really don’t deserve that.

Amanda Bell


McGlinn Hall

Feb. 4