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Joke is on you

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, February 5, 2009

The annual student government election is going to take place next Monday on February 9th (seniors can vote in this election!). I know a lot of people do not vote, abstain from voting, vote for whom they know, think the whole thing is silly, or maybe worst of all, think the student government election is actually important.

No matter which one of those groups you might associate yourself with, it is not only in your best interest but the best interest of the entire student body that you cast your vote for Zahm Freshmen Luke Lennon and Charlie Harig. I was expecting a few funny jokes from the annual Zahm Freshmen running for office, but was pleasantly surprised at the debate on Wednesday when they absolutely dominated the other tickets in every aspect of the entire event. The Zahm Freshmen ticket was hilarious, and at some points, fairly inappropriate without ever wavering. The Notre Dame student body runs the risk of encouraging perennially dissatisfying student government monarchy “lifers” into being the norm if we don’t elect this ticket of Zahm Freshmen. It’s not that student government doesn’t do anything, it’s just that they don’t do anything we really care about that much. Student government is good at setting up task forces, sending out surveys, and taking “No” for an answer from the administration. I honestly believe these Zahm Freshmen are exactly what the student body needs and what the administration deserves. We should make it the norm that we elect the funniest candidates until someone comes along with worthwhile ideas instead of electing serious candidates until a ticket is funny enough to be elected. I understand that the people in student government have to work “with” the administration, but student government’s loyalty should remain faithfully with the students regardless of the circumstance. It is time we elect a couple of people who might be thrown out of office, but absolutely under no circumstances will forsake their obligation to the student body.

Luke Lennon and Charlie Harig are the men for the job and will replace the penny loafers of the Reish-Schmidt era with a pair of clown shoes so big it will be difficult for any ticket in the future to fill them whether they are serious or not. Student government has not been “of the students for the students,” but rather has been “of the student government for the student government.” Whether or not you vote for Luke and Charlie in this student government election, which, in the scheme of things is almost totally inconsequential, sooner or later the joke is on you. The important things in life you can probably count on one hand: health, family, friends, a sense of worth . . . not Notre Dame student government. So let’s come together as a student body and refuse to put in place that well – oiled cog that will allow student government and the administration to continue churning away together on the most inane ideas just because they are sanitized and safe. Instead, let’s throw Lennon-Harig wrench right in the middle of the resume building political machine that is Notre Dame student government and watch the sparks fly.

Bill Ehrlich



Feb. 6