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My 25 things … or 15

Stephanie DePrez | Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In lieu of the fad that is sweeping Facebook, I have decided to create my own list of 25 Things About Myself (Well, more like 15.)

1. When it’s October here, I think, “God, this is the most beautiful place on earth. How come I got so lucky as to end up here?” When it’s January here, I think, “What idiot human decided to settle here? Who on earth hated themselves so much they decided to spend every moment they were outside wishing they could rip their face off because it’s so cold it’s going numb?”

2. My roommates and I absolutely adore the dinning hall’s sweet potato fries. Whenever they gloriously appear, we have a mass texting circle that coordinates how we will systematically lift as many as possible from the DH to our room.

3. When I work out I put my laptop on the elliptical trainer consol and watch an episode of whichever TV show I am currently obsessed with. Dangerous? Yes. Enough to get me out of bed at 7a.m.? You betcha.

4. I get sick, twisted pleasure out of ripping out the electrical chord of the radio in the bathroom when it’s blasting U93.

5. I’m convinced someday my roommate and her boyfriend are going to run away together and open a penguin farm and train the penguins to sing Disney songs.

6. I have crushes on old guys. Hugh Laurie, Nathan Fillion, Hugh Jackman, Sting. The young ones, eh. They do nothing for me.

7. There is a video of me on Youtube that has 22,409 views. I don’t know if that makes me proud or frightened.

8. I have written 41 articles for The Observer.

9. My roommates have somehow gotten it in their heads that they can convince me to do anything, no matter how ridiculous. And it’s usually true. I draw the line, though, at standing on the table in the dining hall and belting out “And IIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuu.” Maybe senior year.

10. In my film class, two class periods in a row I have gotten up to go to the bathroom. I’m starting to worry people in that class will only recognize me as the “Bathroom Girl.”

11. I have had full conversations with a squirrel. They are very attentive.

12. I have joined the “Fighting for Footlongs” boycott. I only get 6-inch’s, but I figure if the footlong price goes down to $5, the 6-inch will have to cost less than $4.19.

13. I am addicted to the Web site Whedoneque.com, and I check it hourly.

14. I love my “Notre Dame Music” sweatshirt. I am a little disappointed, though, that the slogan “Where My Pitches At?” didn’t fly.

15. My 25 percent off receipt at the bookstore did not count for the $20 pack of 50 CD’s, and I was sorely disappointed.