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Revue to Showcase Keenan Heroes (review)

Observer Scene | Thursday, February 5, 2009

This year’s Keenan Revue theme is super heroic. Though the slogan for the Revue is “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Keenan Revue,” it’s not difficult to pick out the show from a sea of Notre Dame sensitivity and political correctness. In fact, once again, the Keenan Revue is saving Notre Dame from taking itself too seriously.

Selling out tickets in under 12 minutes, the emergence of bright blue Revue T-shirts not only serve as walking advertisements but also to mock students who lack tickets for tonight’s opening show. Not surprisingly, the ND masses can’t get enough of Keenan’s seemingly limitless potty humor.

Keenan hurtles over obstacles of campus taboos, like homosexuality, partying and promiscuity, whipping off the gag imposed on off-color (albeit probably insensitive) humor. Their material, as per usual, has all the shamelessly crass humor that ND has come to love them for. Needless to say, this R rated campus skit show is not for the faint of heart. Touchy viewers are forewarned.

Annually the Keenan comedic Knights delight student audiences, and this year will be no different. Classic like the Keenan news report and musical acts, complete with the aptly titled “strippers,” are yearly staples for a reason. Additionally, those looking forward to the standard fare of guys dawning drag, cracks about campus current events and prevalent pantless-ness (seriously someone should consider starting a pant drive for the dorm) will not be disappointed.

Still, this year the men of Keenan shied away from stale, overdone jokes, finally giving St. Mary’s and Breen Phillips a break. That is not to say that the show has not done its part in observing pervasive campus generalizations. This year’s revue also embraces the creation of new stereotypes.

Also helping to keep things fresh, the Revue is highly attuned to current campus culture. Appropriately, there are both appearances from famous Keenan residents and jeers at present campus celebrities. The series of skits include the expected, such as Melissa Buddy jokes, North Dining Hall vs. South Dining Hall rivalry, Ring by Spring criticism and reenactments of dorm parties. This year’s Revue also exudes an unpredictable charm with skits that will be pleasant and humorous surprises to viewers. This year’s Revue also keeps shows a sense of history, subtly resurrecting past (infamously wonderful) bits, like “ubiquitous girl.”

Between the blunt sexual innuendoes, the ceaseless partial nudity and the waves of laughter, the Keenan Revue is a dizzying experience in all the right ways. Many joke that the Revue is only an excuse for Keenan guys to become hot commodities, holding the hottest tickets to this weekend’s show. Whether that’s true or not, getting a ticket to the Keenan review is like winning a golden ticket. But after the difficult task of hunting one down, you get a delightful glimpse into the sick, twist, genius comedic mind of Keenan Hall.

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