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Seniors have choice of three campaigns

Sarah Mervosh and Liz O'Donnell | Friday, February 20, 2009

The following tickets are running for senior class council:


Christina Harmon, senior class presidential candidate, said her ticket has an innovative and unique platform.

“We believe our platform differentiates us from our competition from being the first ticket to think of a Senior Class Ball to the Class of 2010 Bar Crawl to the necessity of increased communication and accessibility of class officers,” she said.

The Senior Ball, one of the campaign’s top initiatives, would take place in Chicago. Other activities included in their platform are a revamped senior day at a home football game, office hours for the president in the class office, a Speakers’ Forum Series and a revival of the 2010 website.

 “It is our hope that people are excited about what we intend to plan if elected,” said Harmon.

In addition to these platforms, the team said it will also try to have a class of 2010 market place at the end of the school year for students to sell excess furniture and goods that they have bought to furnish their dorms and apartments.

Harmon said the team is ready to assume the responsibility for serving a sixth term after graduation in order to plan the fifth year reunion and other activities.

“We know our basic obligations as class officers and we want to go above and beyond to give our class the best and most memorable senior year,” Harmon said.


The 2010 ticket of Chris Tillett, Joy Hwang, Elli Trousdale, and Matt Molloy has broken their campaign platforms down into three phases: tradition, transition, and innovation.

“What this translates to is that we want to accomplish the things that the senior class has always done,” said Tillett, the ticket’s presidential candidate. “We want to put our own spin on next year as well.”

The campaign plans to continue the annual senior year activities including Senior Week, Margaritaville, and Class Mass. 

In the transition phase, the team wants to focus on preparing the class of 2010 to enter the real world. They will provide instruction on taking care of everyday issues such as filing taxes, taking out loans, keeping track of personal finances and learning to cook.

The final section of the campaign, the innovative phase, “revolves around the distinct opportunities that we hope to provide to make our senior year particularly memorably,” Tillett said.

These activities include a “One Hundred Days Dinner”, Barbeque Tailgate Cook-off, Networking Conference and Senior Showcase Benefit.

“When all this comes together, our overall goal is to be able to help send the senior class off into the world, but we want to put finishing touches on the knot that binds us all to Notre Dame as well,” Tillett said.


Senior class council presidential candidate Kim Kyrouac said she and her running mates will try to help the Class of 2010 take full advantage of all Notre Dame has to offer as well as make their final year on campus memorable.

“We feel that our ticket has pulled together a number of fun and realistic ideas that include both new and signature senior events,” Kyrouac said.

This team’s platform includes continuing the senior traditions of Margaritaville and Senior Week. For new ideas, the campaign includes wine tasting and a beer garden, as well as a Christmas press box dinner and commencement ball.

Kyrouac also highlighted the senior transition seminars that would take place to help students with economic issues.

The ticket also plans to hold a senior superlatives lecture, which would involve a gathering of seniors to listen to memorable stories, advice and lessons given by classmates.

“Senior superlative lectures would take place in Washington Hall during the spring semester,” Kyrouac said. Five seniors would speak at each event.

Overall, the team is excited to have the possibility to continue serving their class.

“The four of us feel that as Notre Dame students we are blessed with a number of opportunities and resources that are unique and exciting,” Kyrouac said.