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Superpower debate ended

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, February 22, 2009

There are certain unanswerable questions in this life, but now one can be checked off the list. The answer to “Which superpower would you have?” is telekinesis. Wait, what about super strength or flying? Invisibility has to be up there, doesn’t it? All of these powers are encompassed by telekinesis. Super strength is easy, if a need ever arises where heavy things have to be moved, think it and it’s done. Superman can’t even do that – he actually has to lift it.

Okay, now what about flying? If you don’t believe you can apply telekinesis to yourself, then lift your shoes or get on a bike and make it fly (super speed, if you want it). Since telekinesis involves moving matter with your mind, you can then apply it to gasses and liquids. Think of the possibilities! Take yourself to the bottom of the ocean in a bubble! Make it rain by lowering the pressure in the atmosphere! Vanquish foes by moving all their vital organs out of their bodies!

Alright, but what about invisibility? This is where it gets interesting. If you believe that telekinesis can move all particles, then bending light wouldn’t be out of the question. Even if that turns out to be impossible, invisibility is only for peeping toms and robbers.

Besides moving photons, you could also be your own Hadron Collider. If you aspire to be a super villain instead of a super hero why not make a black hole? The possibilities are endless and encompass all the useful superpowers making telekinesis the superior superpower.

Jonathan Miller


Dillon Hall

Feb. 18