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University not in the wrong

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tom O’Neil’s column featured on Feb. 16 titled “How Notre Dame sneakily killed off the Queer Film Festival” not only contains a poorly formed argument but also unfairly besmirches our university. Referring to Notre Dame as “a most unchristian institution that officially practices prejudice” is absolutely ridiculous and unjustifiable.

Mr. O’Neil’s futile attempts to justify his conclusion include a single quotation from our school’s president which in no way directly refers to homosexuality or promoting prejudice. Additionally the remaining premises for his argument, which pertain to the name changing of the film event, are completely reasonable objections that the University had and do not, in any shape or form, show that Notre Dame promotes prejudice. Perhaps Mr. O’Neil needs a lesson in political correctness. The term “queer” is down right offensive. I was also taught that the words “gay” and “lesbian” can also be offensive. In the 21st century, a long time since Mr. O’Neil worked for The Observer, the politically correct term for the gender would be homosexual.

The University has absolutely nothing to apologize for. On the contrary to Mr. O’Neil’s unsound argument, Notre Dame actually seems to be a very welcoming place to all different walks of life. Just this year I, along with every other freshmen, was required to attend a forum on accepting people of varying sexual orientations. Not only was the event very informative but it also offered the opportunity for us to discuss our own experiences and feelings concerning the topic. From speaking to my friends, who go to other colleges and universities, this seems to be a program unique to Notre Dame. Notre Dame clearly does not promote nor practice prejudice but instead creates informed students in a politically correct atmosphere as Fr. Hesburgh and Fr. Jenkins strive for.

Tom Carnevale


Dillon Hall

Feb. 16