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We won’t…

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, February 1, 2009

In response to Bob Kessler’s Jan. 30 letter “We are…,” I need to voice my discontent. While I have noticed that we are often times told that we are special and whatnot, by chanting “We are ND,” I do not see how this can possibly be taken as arrogance. The Northwestern chant is arrogant, true, but through chanting who we are, who we represent, we are not in any way or form condescending those who have beaten us. I, for one, am saying who I am with pride, saying they have not beaten down the spirit that embodies the campus.I believe that this cheer is much better than saying words such as “Suck it, (insert lesser school’s title),” yet you do not mention anything towards this. You probably say that it is in the sport of athleticism, of college events, to try to irritate the other team so as to give us the upper hand. Yet I guarantee that hearing a student body insulting the entire University due to a simple sporting event creates more hatred than by chanting “We are ND” at the end of a game. At the USC game, the marching band and the fans were obviously jeered at, booed and were the victims of numerous insults, chants and gestures. Yet what was more irritating was when the Trojan fans, at the end of the game, began chanting that their next opponents sucked, that they didn’t stand a chance. May we remind them of the Oregon State game, thereby proving anything is possible.Another way to be condescending to a college happened at our very stadium by Syracuse when they won. They stood in the center of the marching band, jeering at our family as we sang our Alma Mater. To me, that is the most disgusting display of arrogance in the face of an opponent. Our chant – and there are many who agree with me – is to unite the family once we have lost. It is to remind us that there are things that will happen, and we must take them in stride. No, we cannot win everything, we are guaranteed to lose other events, but it is to remind ourselves and the opposing team that we are a family. They may have won the game, but “We are ND!”

Matt RoefreshmanMorrissey ManorFeb. 1