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Bookstore Basketball: Do Something Crazy falls to Chris Brown

Michael Blasco, Alex West, and Chris Michalski | Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The glittery gals of Do Something Crazy walked onto the court with one goal.

“Total domination. Nothing less,” senior Liz Slawin said.

But a buttoned-down group of old school street-ballers, the senior fivesome of Chris Brown Beat Down, won 21-10, carrying the day with a fast, physical style of play that left Do Something Crazy huffing and puffing down the stretch.

Senior Kristie Koch of Do Something Crazy lead an early charge, keeping the game close with a concerted offensive blitzkrieg that startled the flat-flooted squad of Chris Brown Beat Down.

“That Kristie is a sharpshooter,” senior Dan Behrens said. Koch’s senior teammate Rachel Hoffman added at half, “Kristie’s carrying the team so much that her back must hurt.”

Do Something Crazy kept the game close in the early going, but a complete breakdown in offensive cohesion and repeated turnovers kept them from mounting any sizeable run. However, ineffective outside shooting from Chris Brown Beat Down’s Josh Bartrom and Brian Slaboch never allowed their squad to take a sizable lead, heading into half up only 11-6.

A key midrange jumper from Slawin early in the second incited a Do Something Crazy rally, but Chris Brown Beat Down’s solid inside game, headed by seniors Travis Allen and Luke Nakatsukasa, paved the wave to a dominating second period.

The girls of Do Something Crazy seemed too exhausted to stand in the late going, and Chris Brown Beat Down clinched a 21-10 victory that was closer than score indicated. Ferocious interior defense from Koch and Hoffman did not let their opponents pick up an easy win.

Team Jarvis All-Stars 21 – Team Oink Oink 8

“No one on the court’s got swagga like us,” senior Christa Riggins proclaimed when she arrived.

Swagger, Team Oink Oink had; any degree of teamwork or skill, they did not. The Team Jarvis All-Stars had the skills to back up their boasts, putting on a Globetrotteresque show during their victory.

“We’ve got to hip check and throw these girls down,” senior Mike Pearl of the All-Stars declared during warm-ups.

Team Oink Oink opened with a blistering, seven-second offense that put the All-Stars on their heels. Cramps from Riggins and a pants-related malfunction from senior Claire “Cooler than Miles Davis” Hutchinson slowed the Oink Oink offense to a crawl, set off by a game changing fast-break from All-Star senior Fran Tolan.

“The great white hope,” senior teammate Ted Dropcho said of Tolan.

Senior Casey Wagner scooped up loose balls and hustled for rebounds for Oink Oink, but the team slumped down the stretch to finish the half down 11-3.

“We just want to finish it up and let that poor girl [Hutchinson] go home,” All-Star senior Patrick Keating said. “I think that’s what’s best for everyone at this point, honestly.”

As the second half began, Oink Oink senior forwards Mallorie Croal and Kim Kristoff were swept back by the relentless charge of the All-Stars’ innovative “Flying-V” formation. All-Star senior Ryan Frost and the rest of his squad brushed the Oink Oink defense aside to score at will as the game wound down, picking up a victory.

“Despite our malfunctions, we just had a great time,” Kristoff said.

Riggins qualified the loss, saying, “Just because they can beat us once, doesn’t mean that can beat us twice.”

“Oh my God! We’re still in the mix!” an elated Dropcho said after the match. “We’re the craziest team on the island!”

It was unclear what island Dropcho was referring to.

MR. JAM 21, The Shankopotomus 4

An undermanned Shankopotomus squad stood no chance against the offensive balance and strong defense of MR. JAM Monday afternoon in the Frank Leahy sectional.

Right from the start of the game, player-coach, Adam Klene made it clear that he and his teammates had been looking forward to the game.

“We’ve been very excited to get out here and show off our skills,” Klene said. “We came ready to play.”

Lockdown defensive specialist Joey Sheehan prevented The Shankopotomus from getting anything started on the offensive side of the ball. “I have serious ‘D-skillz’ with a ‘z'” Sheehan commented after the game.

On the offensive side of the ball JAM jumped out to an early 5-0 lead. Klene, Sheehan, Rick Helfrich, Matt Thomas, and Matt Lopez all contributed to a balanced JAM attack that was unanswered by Shankopotomus. Kelene said his team had a significant height advantage with the majority of players over six feet tall.

“We had a strong showing,” Klene said. “Our height and strong zone defense provided us with an advantage over our opponents.”

MR. JAM next plays on Saturday at noon at the Lyons courts.

The Majestic Journeymen 21, Pat Brown and the Super Fun Happy Team 9

A hot streak by Mike DeRusso and solid team play helped The Majestic Journeymen defeat Pat Brown and the Super Fun Happy Team Monday afternoon.

Journeymen coach Matt Jensen was proud of his team’s efforts.

“We came out strong and we achieved our highest goal of victory,” Jensen said. “We also weren’t intimidated by our RA or his height.” Jensen was referring to the RA of the majority of the Journeymen squad from Carroll Hall: five-foot tall Mark McLaughlin.

The Journeymen started the game with a defensive statement when Ben Mall blocked the first Happy Team shot of the game. Journeymen pulled away in the first half, opening up an 11-3 advantage at halftime.

In the second half, Mike DeRusso took over the game for several possessions. At one point, DeRusso hit three outside jump shots on three consecutive possessions for Journeymen.

“My stroke just felt good” DeRusso said. “My teammates gave me the ball so I kept shooting.”

The Journeymen next play the tournament No. 1 seed Main Street Pub on Saturday at 4 p.m.

We Get Beat Worse Than Rihanna 21, It Ain’t Worth Winning if You Can’t Win Big 10

It Ain’t Worth Winning couldn’t keep up with the up-and-down style of play that We Get Beat Worse Than Rihanna brought to the table, losing 21-10. Their sagging 2-3 defense managed to contain their opponent’s half-court offense at times, but in the end too many turnovers led to a number of fast break points for Rihanna.

“We aren’t as big as other teams so we just like to run up and down, keeping it moving,” Rihanna team captain Grant Erickson said.

The team’s man-to-man pressure defense forced a number of the turnovers, allowing them to go on a 6-0 run to end the game, with all six points coming from layups.

Captain Kyle Berceau led It Ain’t Worth Winning in scoring with six of the team’s 10 points. He attributed the loss mainly to a lack of preparation.

“They were just a lot more prepared than we were. You could tell they had practiced and it really showed in what they were doing on offense,” Berceau said.

Freshman guard Alex Metoxen had a different perspective on the reasons for the loss. “We just weren’t fast enough and we couldn’t get the ball to the post, especially to me,” he said. “They just couldn’t get me the ball.”