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Campus celebrates St. Patty’s Day

Amanda Gray | Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Notre Dame students returned to campus Sunday looking forward to a fun St. Patrick’s Day celebration Tuesday.

Senior Olivia Vervaeke plans to celebrate her last St. Patrick’s Day at Notre Dame by going out.

“I’ve never been able to go out on St. Patrick’s Day before,” Vervaeke said. “I’m excited.”

“I’ll be going out, to a friend’s house at first. Then probably some place in South Bend,” Vervaeke said.

While skipping class is popular for quite a few of Notre Dame’s students on St. Patrick’s Day, Vervaeke is planning on being present in classes.

“I’m planning on going to class, and then begin celebrating afterwards,” she said.

Popular destinations for students Tuesday will include Corby’s Bar, Fiddler’s Hearth, and off-campus houses.

For some students, the holiday’s inconvenient mid-week location means all work and no play. Freshman Greg Woods will be among those staying in.

“I’ll be studying. I have an exam on Thursday,” Woods said.

Freshman Olivia Covangelo will also be hard at work.

“I have physics homework due at 10 p.m., so I’ll be busy,” she said.

McGlinn resident assistant Katie Begerow will be on duty on St. Patrick’s Day and plans to step up precautions.

“I’ll be keeping a more watchful eye,” Begerow said. “[St. Patrick’s Day] has a reputation.”

This St. Patrick’s Day will not be as celebrated as it would be if the holiday were on a weekend, according to Begerow.

“It’s not a given that everyone will go out,” Begerow said. “Many students have exams during the days following St. Patrick’s Day.”

However, she’s not too upset about not being able to participate in the festivities.

“It’d be cool to go hang out somewhere, but oh well. It’s my job.”

Sophomore Katrina Corcoran will spend her St. Patrick’s Day working at Recker’s.

“I have the 10 p.m. to midnight shift,” said Corcoran. She’s not too worried about celebrators, though.

“I worked Halloween, and it wasn’t too bad,” said Corcoran. Like many others, Corcoran isn’t too sure about the rest of her night.

However, Corcoran is excited for St. Patrick’s Day.

“I love St. Patrick’s Day because we’re the Home of the Irish,” Corcoran said.